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USABMX ROC & Grands Live Stream Link and Schedule

The USABMX is undoubtedly the largest single BMX race in the world. It decides the USABMX overall results for the season, so there’s a lot on the line on the track, but also off the track it’s the single biggest gathering of teh BMX race industry making it the ideal place for brands to showcase new products.

We’ve already seen Yess show off their Project 20/24 which uses one frame for OS20 wheels or 24″ with the aid of dropouts that can be flipped to adjust the height of the frame.  There’s also SSquared‘s OS20 frames and Answer‘s disk brake set up along with 20mm front hubs and 20mm Dagger forks. We’re sure there’s a whole lot more to come.

Live stream link

To watch all the action use this link



Friday November 23 – Race of Champions

Tulsa OK7:00am
Auckland2:00am (Saturday)
Los Angeles5:00am
Melbourne12:00am (Saturday)
New York8:00am
Phoenix (RTB)6:00am

Saturday November 24 – Grands – 1st round of motos/Pro Championship Finals

Tulsa OK9:00am
Auckland4:00am (Sunday)
Los Angeles7:00am
Melbourne2:00am (Sunday)
New York10:00am
Phoenix (RTB)8:00am

Pro Championship Finals

Tulsa OK6:00pm
Auckland1:00pm (Sunday)
Los Angeles4:00pm
Melbourne11:00am (Sunday)
New York7:00pm
Phoenix (RTB)5:00pm

Sunday November 25 – Grands – 2nd round of motos and finals

Tulsa OK7:30am
Auckland2:30am (Monday)
Los Angeles5:30am
Melbourne12:30am (Monday)
New York8:30am
Phoenix (RTB)6:30am
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