Video: 2012 London Olympics BMX Men’s Final Highlights

I like to consider myself a BMXer who likes to remember the history of the sport. I often find myself reflecting on the the events that bring our great sport to where it is today. One of the most inspiring races of all time is the Men’s final of the 2012 London Olympics. So many champions, legends of our sport, fighting it out for just one gold medal. Nothing beats watching Latvian Maris Strombergs put in a perfect lap to take the win over favourites Great Britain’s Liam Philips, Australia’s Sam Willoughby (the world champion at the time) and USA’s Connor Fields, not to take anything away from the other riders in the field. It’s now 2015, the 2016 Rio Olympics will be upon us in no time. It’s going to be a long road for the chosen few who will go on to represent their home countries, but for this BMX fan it just can’t get here soon enough.

Click this link to watch all the action

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