ATi Vader DS Pads and Plates

    ATi’s Vader DS pads and plates are another step in the evolution of ATi’s Vader product range. They have a more stripped back, simplistic, nearly retro look about them and they serve very important function for all BMXers, protection.


    When you talk about pads and plates it’s usually design that separates them first, then you go into functionality and cost.

    The Vader DS stem pad is a little unique, it looks as though it wasn’t stitched when it left the factory. Pretty much all other stem pads are stitched one a right angle to cup the stem and are locked firmly into an angle that may not suit all set ups, particularly for A-Head systems where people tend to leave their steerer tube lengths quite long. The ATi stem pad still sits and wraps exactly like any other stem pad but gives you a lot more flexibility. The wrap around frame pad is quite large in diameter, but doesn’t have a large range when it comes to fitting, it should fit most bikes with over sized top tubes but on others it might be a loose fit, something worth checking out before purchasing, the alternative monocoque style pad may work better in that case.

    The Vader DS plates come in Pro and Mini sizes. They are packaged with Velcro and clips to hold the Velcro to the plate which you have to fit yourself. I found, at first, that I hadn’t put the clips in properly, I think the Velcro was getting in the way and the clips had a tenancy to fall off, but once I worked out what was going on they seemed to work fine. The plates come only with a white panel for numbers, check with your local rulebooks to see if they comply with racing colour combinations.

    Vader DS wrap around stem padATi Vader DS number plate

    The ATi Vader DS pads and plates are available in black, red, and blue colour combinations.

    Rating 17/20:

    Value for money:4/5


    • ATi products are made in USA which sometimes makes them a little more expensive than their competition.
    • The flexibility of the stem pad is a great design, there should be a wider Velcro on the wrap around pads for a bigger size range, the plates should come with the Velcro fitted with something more permanent than a plastic clip.
    • The high gloss, slick finish on the pads and plates look awesome, you could just about do your hair in them, but the colours and graphics may not be for everyone.

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    Reviewed: 17 May 2004

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