BSD Highriser Integrated Headset Review

    The BSD Highriser integrated headset is the product I never thought I’d need, until I needed it.

    Occasionally I come across products that I glance at, I think “that’s cool”, and then skip onto the next thing because a) what I’ve got does the job fine, or b) it does a job that I don’t need it for.

    Recently when I built up a new ride, the new frame had a significantly higher bottom bracket rise than my previous one. Wanting to keep the bottom bracket to bar height the same (as I was very comfortable with this measurement, and retained it for some time), my choices were to find a higher rise set of bars or raise the stem. I’ve run the same bend bars forever which don’t come in a 1/2″ inch higher model, so up came the stem. Technically, a stack of headset washers did the trick, but I wasn’t happy with that either aesthetically, or with a multitude of individual washers than can can creak if the grease between them wears away. Not only that, multiple stacked washers have been proved to allow movement and flex in the steerer tube, where a single washer prevents it.

    After a bit contemplation, the thought crossed my mind that freestyle riders often run taller front ends, or run a gyro that requires space under the stem to travel. Now there was a time where freestyle and BMX racing were worlds apart and there were very few crossover products, but as it stands today – in a world crazy about weight savings – we share more than ever; including rims, tyres, tubes, hubs, cranks, stems, bars, grips and of course headsets. What I recalled coming across was a headset with an integrated top and spacer – just what I was after. The BSD High riser has an impressive 19mm of stock height, which eliminates a pileup of washers. It’s a Campy compatible 45/45, which is almost a standard these days, with precision sealed and heat treated bearing so it’s going to last.

    Another feature, that I was happy to find, was the split bottom crown race; this little feature makes fitting and removing when required a dream… and anybody that’s had to remove a tight fitting standard solid crown race from a carbon fork without chipping it can tell you what nightmare this can be! It might not be something that you consider that you need right now, but then again, maybe it should be?

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Taller version of our integrated headset, comes with top and bottom sealed bearings, crown race, compression washer, BSD printed top cap and some thin washers for fine adjustment.

    • Fully CNC 6061 extra tall aluminium top cap
    • Top cap features O-ring seal
    • New improved sealed precision bearings
    • Campy specification
    • Laser etched BSD logo
    • 60g Weight
    • Available in Black or Raw

    Rating 19.5/20

    Value for money:5/5


    • As far as price goes the BSD Highriser integrated headset is one of the best priced high riser headsets around, jam packed with all the features you would want in a simple unit.
    • When it comes to weight the BSD Highriser integrated headset is on par with other headsets, the only thing you could do to make it lighter would be to drill out the spacer, which would cost more with very little benefit.
    • BSD Highriser integrated headset does exactly what I wanted it to, a clean and reliable system to raise the stem while reducing possible creaking and unwanted movement.
    • The clean look of the integrated spacer/top cap would be hard to improve on, except maybe some additional colour options would be nice.

    I highly recommend the BSD Highriser integrated headset.

    BSD are distributed in Australia by BMX International (https://www.bmxinternational.com.au/).

    Reviewed by Paul Knox/bmxultra.com August 13, 2021

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