Badd Lizard Sunglasses Product Review

    Paul Knox gives us an in depth review of the Badd Lizard Sunglasses out of New Zealand in this lifestyle product review.

    If you’re hanging around a BMX track for any amount of time, even if you’re not riding (and probably more if you’re not) then a pair of sunnies are a must. Sun glare, dust & wind pretty much go hand-in-hand with a day at the track. Unfortunately, I’ve also found that once racing & riding gets underway, I’m often taking my glasses on & off with my helmet and they invariably end up getting pretty roughly treated. After wrecking a couple of pair of expensive glasses, that cost way too much to replace on a regular basis, I starting using a pair of cheap throw-aways that lived in my track bag. Most cheap sunnies aren’t that good at staying on your face, well not if you try riding with them anyway, so they ended up spending most of their time in the bag. Cheap scratched lens probably did my eyesight more harm than good when I had them on, so the bag was probably the best place for them!

    Seeking something more suitable, my quest lead me to an ideal solution; Badd. Although they’re a new company, the styling suggests a much older heritage …

    “Badd was born as my obsession for vintage high performance eye-ware matured. After many years collecting I was finding it increasingly hard to get blades and M-frames for less then a small bank loan.
    As a teenager in the 90’s I grew up around skateboards, surfing, mountain bikes, motorbikes and BMX. The radical style was ingrained into my soul and know that I am not alone in sharing this passion.
    Badd is not trying to be the next big thing, or a revolutionary product, we are just trying to have fun and offer a good quality optic that cost less. As a user and abuser of sunglasses dropping big money on something that’s either gonna get scratched, left at a party or get given to the homies, is not gonna fly. This is where Badd entered the market.”

    I’ve been Badd equiped for few months now, and loving it. The optics are great, the Polarized UV400 lens are easy on my eyes, and they stick to my face like glue – no worries riding with these on, they stay put. They’ve been surprisingly scratch resistant (they have ended up dropped on concrete & in the dirt a couple of times) and the frames are flexible enough to survive me shoving them onto my ears with my helmet still on.

    The classic shape wraps around inside your helmet giving the effect of googles to keep wind out of your eyes on the track, and they’re super light so you can wear them all day waiting for your next moto in the pits. Unfortunately they’re currently only available in NZ, which means you’ll need to hunt them down, but they may be just what you’re looking for (if you’re anything like me).

    Products Specs

    • Polarized UV400
    • Frame Material: Plastic
    • Lenses Material: Plastic
    • Lens Height: 45 mm
    • Lens Width: 46 mm

    Rating 18.5/20

    Value for money:4.5/5


    • The Badd Lizard glasses are great value for money, they have the style of way more expensive and established brands without the price tag. They are durable, comfortable and will help protect your eyes from harmful rays, so you can keep reading well into the future.
    • The Badd Lizard glasses are light weight and comfortable enough to wear all day.
    • Although the style and colour combo might not be for everyone, you couldn’t ask for much more from the Badd Lizard glasses. They protect your eyes, are comfortable and look cool with that cool 80’s / 90’s styling without sending you broke. The only thing missing are adjustable (length) arms.
    • The Badd Lizard glasses have a high quality finish so they don’t look cheap like the glasses you would find at the local petrol station, despite having a similar price tag.

    Check out Badd and give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

    Review by Paul Knox & Shane Jenkins/31 August 2021

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