Rennen Infinity Bolts chainring bolts review

    Rennen’s Infinity Bolts chainring bolts have been around since 2019. I remember the announcement, a nice little reinvention of the chain ring bolt. Rennen added a shoulder below the bolt head that helps provide greater distribution of stress, for those of you who have sheered chainring bolts, yes, these are especially for you. Click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Rennen modelling demonstrating the reduced stress.

    The Infinity Bolts are a simple update on traditional bolts, but it’s the small things that make them so much better that the traditional alternatives. Theyuse a 4mm hex key for the bolt (front), instead of the industry standard 5mm hex key, and an 8mm hex key for the nut (back), for increased strength, and better purchase for a simplified installation and removal. On top of this the Rennen Infinity Bolts have a life time warranty.

    They come in a wide range of options including;

    • Alloy
      • Black, Red, Gold, Blue, and Raw
    • Titanium
    • Sizes
      • Regular (6.2m), XL (9mm)

    For the review I used the Ti option, they were lighter than the cromo chainring bolts I was using, without sacrificing any strength. Sure they were a lot more expensive than traditional chainring bolts, but worth it for the peace of mind from running a superior product, a justifiable upgrade.

    I run Profile Elite cranks with a spline drive spider and Profile Elite Chainring which is a little thicker than most set ups, so I went for the XL Nuts and Bolts. The nuts and bolts are available separately for those who use Rennen’s threaded chainrings and only need the bolts.

    Installation was simple, they even came with the Ti-prep anti seize, which meant I didn’t need to worry about chasing that separately.

    They really were set and forget. I put on a harder gearing attempting to put even more stress through them, but they haven’t budged and not even made a peep over the two month review period.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Rennen Infinity Bolts are the latest product developed out of the new headquarters. We took one of the simplest components on a BMX bicycle “The Chainring Bolt” and we made it better.

    Back in 2008 we redefined the BMX Chainring through our threaded gear innovation, We took something so simple and made it so effective.

    Rennen has done it again with the Infinity Bolt. A simple but very effective shoulder just under the head of the bolt serves to distribute the load (see below) and make this the strongest 7075 Aluminum or Titanium 6AL-4V Chainring bolt on the market.

    While all other bolts on the market use a 5mm internal hex we chose 4mm to provide more material and increasing their strength further by 8.5%

    At Rennen we like improving things that are not obvious and we believe we have achieved that with the Infinity Chainring Bolt.

    We are so confident in this design we are offering a lifetime warranty against breakage. That’s right break a bolt and get a new one.

    For something as simple as a chainring bolt we ran this design through 97 CAD iterations, 22 CNC G-Code variations and numerous FEA simulations.

    We purchase USA made 7075-T6 and 6AL-4V Titanium and produce these on a state of the art multiaxis CNC lathe in house. We do things this way because we have full control over our designs and production, and the alternative of ordering parts out of a catalog is unoriginal and boring.

    Rennen stands by their designs and products, the quality shows.

    Available Colors are Black, Red, Gold, Blue, and Raw Aluminum or Titanium

    Chainring Bolts use a 4mm/8mm allen wrenches for assembly

    Regular length has been optimized to work with most gear crank combinations

    XL is specifically designed for thick crank spiders like Answer Accelerator cranks. XXL is made for RaceFace SixC Carbon cranks.

    Titanium Bolts come with 1oz of Finishline Ti-Prep anti seize packet.

    Rating 20/20

    Value for money:5/5


    • When it comes to value for money you will pay a lot more for the Infinity chain ring bolts, but you will have a life time warranty. They would be the last set of chainring bolts you would ever need to buy.
    • The Infinity Bolts are light, and strong.
    • A chainring bolt that will do the job better, provide greater strength and easier to install and remove. You couldn’t ask for more.
    • The Rennen Infinity Bolts aren’t just the best bolts on the market, they are USA made to Rennen’s high standards.

    If you are looking for chainring bolts don’t cheap out, go straight to the top shelf and grab some Rennen Infinity Bolts, they won’t let you down.

    Want to know more?

    Rennen products are distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports (ECI) or you could check them out at

    Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ October 7, 2021

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