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We’ve been keeping an eye on Custom Vehicle Painting (CVP) for quite some time, they’re a big supporter of’s BSX and have donated their custom painting services several years in a row now. I have not seen a custom painting company for many years here in Australia so it’s a unique service and could be a great option for someone looking for the little something different.  Chris Van Winden owns the show and he’s no backyarder – this is what he does for a crust. I really love the chrome finish on my current race bike and it would be a shame to paint it so we contacted a recent customer of CVP to get the low down on their experience.

Rob Saunders, 40-44 rider from Victoria recently had his daughter’s Intense Podium custom painted to her specs and this is what he had to say:

“Custom Vehicle Paint is fast becoming a well known name around the OZ BMX scene for some of the sweetest custom paint work around. This I can tell you from personal experience I have three already, and about to send off my fourth.

In my opinion, when it comes to customer service you really can’t go past CVP. Forever friendly and always smiling Chris Van Winden makes bringing your designs from paper to finished reality a breeze.

There is almost no limit to his talents with a spray gun, from the basic colors to a fully custom design of your choosing. If you can imagine it CVP will bring it to life, or my favorite, is to hand him a bike and say go sick!?

And for the weight conscious, CVP recently sprayed an Intense podium Pro xl frame with a factory weight of 1.873kgs and after giving it the CVP treatment a mere 1.889kgs (16grams!) not bad if you ask me. But don?t think bike frames is where it stops. CVP will also spray your favorite skid lid and trailer to match your custom whip. After all, the drapes have to match the carpet!

If CVP can make paint stick to it, he’ll put a coat of jam on. You could ether freshen up your old favorite or give it a new life.”


  • Approximate time frame: one to two weeks
  • Interstate orders welcome. Australia Post costs apply
  • Two-pack professional high grade car paint
  • Easy care with car polish
  • Over 8,600 colours to choose from, plus layering effects and a zillion glitter options
  • Hard clear coat applied over final colour for long lasting shine
  • Flat or Matt clear coats also available
  • Stickers can be protected under the clear top coat
  • Prices for helmets and frames can range from $130 for a single colour and top clear coat to $300 for more intricate designs and colour schemes
  • Fork and frame in a single colour can be bundled for $150
  • CVP can paint just about anything. Forks, handlebars, helmets, trailers, children etc
  • “Chrome” paint is available, but it will set you back about $450 for a frame or helmet

From the examples we’ve seen the drop outs look unpainted and when we asked about this it was explained that due to the high wear nature of the area, full prep work and then only a hard clear coat is applied to the surface of the drop out. This maintains your magnificent custom paint job and extends the life of your ride.

Chris doesn’t just paint. Think of CVP as a one stop shop for not only bike revamp but also radical restoration. From rust removal with sand blasting on your old steel frame to gorgeous mirror polish finish on alloy. If you’ve got a problem or want a pros opinion, CVP might be the best place to ask.

Want to know more? Hit up  or CVP on facebook and maybe if you’re quick enough try catching Chris Van Winden at the track, or have a chat to one of those custom bikes kicking around and they will set you in the right direction.

Oh and maybe if you ask really nice he might just paint your car as well!!

Rating 20/20:

Value for money:5/5


  • Great value to for money with a starting price of $130 – it’s a whole lot cheaper than a new frame and a pretty cheap way to make your bike totally different from everybody else’s.
  • At only 16grams for the average bike, you aren’t even going to notice the difference
  • The two-pack paint is durable and can handle the abuse of regular racing
  • With practically limitless options, your bike can stand out from the crowd and you can be confident it has been painted by a professional

Reviewed by Rob Saunders and Shane Jenkins/ May 18 2012

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