DVD: How to race BMX – Basic Fundamentals

    The guys at Transit/Stile Industries have a long history of running BMX clinics right across America. Internationally they are better known for the Transit Race DVD series. It’s no surprise that they have put together a DVD that’s dedicated to coaching. I have got to say they have done a fine job of it too.

    how_to_race_bmx_dvdEven though the DVD is called Basic Fundamentals it goes far beyond basic, especially when going through jumps and turns. You would expect something like this to be for the beginner rider, but I would say it’s definitely for beginner-intermediate while more advanced riders just might pick up a tip or two along the way or at least be reminded of some core skills.

    The DVD is well thought out, there are basically 2 sections of the disk. The basic safety, bike set up and general hints and tips are at the end. And when you think about it it all makes sense. It’s the stuff you would only need to go through once. Jumps, turns, and starts are at the beginning of the DVD because that’s what you are more likely to watch over and over again.

    Colin Stiles is a fully qualified teacher, and teamed up with Ryan “Z man” Zielinski and Justin Travis, they give very clear and concise instructions and demonstrations.

    I did find the DVD long, but that’s because it’s an intense 85 minutes, but it’s also the beauty of DVD, you can easily skip sections, and jump around at your leisure. Maybe some actual race footage compilations of what the boys were presenting in between each section would have been worth considering.

    If you are getting into BMX or wanting to take it to the next level you should do yourself a favour and buy How to Race BMX: Basic Fundamentals, it’s like having a BMX coach in your own living room.

    Look out for the out takes at the end of the DVD for a laugh.

    Rating 18.5/20:
    (I have had to change the rating system for DVD’s I hope this works for you)

    Value for money:5/5


    • This is a must have DVD for all beginner to intermediate riders
    • Let’s face it you don’t buy DVDs like this for the action…but
      a little more action footage wouldn’t have gone astray.
    • This DVD goes far beyond expectations, I think that these guys have done themselves out of making a DVD for the intermediate guys.
    • Nice job!
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