ODI Rogue Dual-Ply Grips

    ODI boasts that the Rogue Dual Ply grip is “America’s Most Popular BMX Grip”. I’m not sure how true that is, but they are certainly popular with me, I run them on both my bikes.

    The Rogue grip is dual ply because it has a two layers, a harder inner layer to get a good tight grip on your handlebars and the softer outer layer for a soft comfortable grip. The comfort factor is what did it for me, not only is the outer layer soft on your hands, it is actually a large handle grip which means a better grip for those of us with big hands and long fingers. The Rogue comes with hard plastic “Thug Plugs”, so there’s no need to worry about you bars cutting the end out of your grip, and you are guaranteed a much longer life for your grips. My first set lasted a good 12 or so months. Most importantly these grips are great value for money.

    Check out the full range of grips on the ODI website

    Reviewed: 16/12/99

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