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I’d like to think I had my finger on the pulse with everything cool in this wonderful world we share, but I’d be kidding myself. That’s why here at we stay focused on BMX race specific content, even then so much goes on in the BMX scene we can only try to keep up. It makes our job much easier when companies dig what we do and help us do product reviews by sending us product. One such company is New York based Percent Apparel.

Naturally when they asked us to check out their t-shirts the first thing I thought was “who the heck is Percent Apparel?” For me a good t-shirt goes a lot deeper than an awesome design on a good quality tee. The culture and ethos of the company is equally as important as the t-shirt itself. If I’m going to wear a logo I want to know what it stands for and I want it to be something I agree with.

Percent Apparel present skate and music events around the New York area, they have a skateboard and BMX team and endorse musical acts like Gemstar, Hard Target, 51 Shortfalls and Red Theory to name a few. They tend to stray far from the mainstream which is probably one of the reasons I hadn’t heard from them, but that’s fine with me, I’ve never been one for anything mainstream.

While checking out their website I noticed they don’t have a whole bunch of t-shirt options but what the do have are pretty cool. It was when I checked out their Facebook page ( that I spotted this and had to have one.

Percent Apparel

When the care pack arrived the skull t-shirt wasn’t in there (but that doesn’t mean I won’t get it eventually). There was still the skull and cross skateboards print as well as the logo t-shirt. Yes I don’t mind skateboard tees, I have been wearing Vans shoes and clothing for over 30 years. There’s also a local Melbourne music distribution company/skate shop called Poison City Records whose t-shirts I wear.

Percent ApparalPercent Apparel

I wore the Percent Apparel t-shirts a few times and found them comfortable. After washing them they still look as new, there was no colour running from the print or the t-shirt itself and they maintained their shape. Compared to other tees they are quite a large fit, where I normally fit into an XL the Large was a nice fit. Not only that, the t-shirts are comfortable and obviously quality product.

Would I buy more Percent Apparel t-shirts? Hell yes! I have a huge t-shirt collection and these will be high in the rotation.

Now the only thing I need is some warm weather so I can show them off.

Rating 19/20:

Value for money:5/5


  • A great quality tee
  • The light t-shirts would be great for summer
  • Comfortable, and a great fit
  • I’d like to see more variation in their designs.

Australia specific information:

Check out for more information about Percent Apparel.

Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ July 7 2012

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