VuPlex Plastic Cleaner

    I’ve been wearing high gloss helmets for some time now, the only problem is I have never found a good cleaning product that cleans the helmet and still maintains the glossy look, so my helmet would start to look a little “second hand” after a season or two.

    After trying a few products, without much success, I resorted to just a bucket of hot water with some car wash wax, a sponge and a lot of patience. As a BMX racer, it’s not often you have to clean heavy mud off your helmet, but it only needs to happen once and you will start to see just how abrasive a bit of mud can be.

    Goggles are also a good example of how dirt can be highly abrasive, no matter how much you care for your goggles, no matter how much you keep them clean and protected it’s only a matter of time before you start to see scratches building up.

    I was sent a 50g can of VuPlex and before I even tried to use it I had found it was more than half gone. My wife had found at least 101 uses for it before I even had a chance to fully read the label and consider the applications. She was as blown away by the results as I was that she might finish the can before I got to it.

    VuPlex Plastic Cleaner

    I thought I’d try to find out some information about VuPlex and was pleasantly surprised that it’s an Australian product. I was also happy to find out that there are no abrasives in VuPlex, unlike many other cleaning products.

    This is VuPlex’s explaination of how it works

    The product works using five functions in one quick action.

    1. It cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage plastic surfaces.
    2. It applies a fine coating of wax that gives the surface protection from micro scratching.
    3. The wax acts as a barrier against water (hydrophobic) and other atmospheric conditions that cause aging and a break down of clarity.
    4. Static that is built up in the plastic surface and attracts other abrasive material such as dust, is controlled by VuPlex’s® anti-static properties.
    5. VuPlex® polishes to a high shine and restores the lustre and “new look” to the surface. The finish is not sticky or greasy and can be achieved in mere seconds.

    So after breaking through all the marketing gumpf VuPlex is something that you would get the most benefit from if you used it for the entire lifecycle of the equipment you clean with it.

    Obvoiusly you would see reasonable results if you were to start using it long after the product was new, I know I did. My TLD D3 helmet had been through some rough conditions and battles over the past 18 months, it’s got the scars to prove it, but the finish also started to look dull. After I first used VuPlex on it you could start to see the shine come back and some of the bigger scratches became more noticable. After inspection I decided to clean it again, and aside from the larger scratches it looks nearly as good as new.

    I have some mirror lenses on my goggles, and if something will show up scratches it’s a mirrored lense. VuPlex removed a whole lot of the smaller surface scratches, I didn’t expect miracles, there was still a few larger scratches left, but where it made the most difference is the lense is now crystal clear and ready for the next mud bash.

    VuPlex is also great for painted parts on your bike, actually it’s applications are endless.

    If you need more proof of how well it works there’s a great example video right here

    If I have one complaint about VuPlex, it’s that I didn’t know about it sooner. I’ll be adding VuPlex for my arsenal of cleaning products that’s for sure!


    Value for money:5/5


    • A great cleaning product that will keep your gear looking new at a reasonable price
    • VuPlex cleans and protects your equipment

    VuPlex is Distributed in Australia by Steve Cramer Products ( For more information about VuPlex check out

    Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ June 29, 2012

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