Sun Ringle Super Stock 2.0 wheel set

    Sun Ringle have been making wheels for over 50 years, and most of their manufacturing is still done in America, so you can be assured that anything these guys produce will be of extremely high standard.

    Super StockAccording to the Sun Ringle catalog the Super Stock 2.0 wheel set is a mid-range BMX riding, racing, and moderate trails riding wheel, we think they are just being a bit modest.

    The wheel set includes the popular BFR (big fat rim) rims, 36 hole Sun Ringle Super Stock hubs with sealed cartridge bearings, stainless steal 14 gauge straight spokes, brass nipples, and three cross lacing. That sounds like a high end racing wheel to us.

    The Super Stock comes only in one colour, black, one of the most versatile colours, that helps put a good overall finish on the wheels. There are three different rim sizes available, 1.75, 1 3/8, and 1 1/8. We tested the 1.75 BFR version.

    Testing: doesn’t just test product for a session then try something new, we actually have the team run the product when we race and train, making sure we get a good idea of what the product is all about before we shoot our mouths off.Super Stock

    In this case the wheels fell extremely solid, and have proven to be equally as strong, even after numerous “cases” we failed to make any impact on the rims. The sealed cartridge hubs kept things spinning very smoothly and consistently throughout the testing period.

    Even after two months of daily abuse these wheels still remained as true as they were the day we got them. Sun Ringle calls this wheel set mid-range, and it just might be the case, but only because the rear wheel does not feature a cassette hub.

    However with the addition of a quality freewheel this wheel set is perfect for anyone serious about riding, from beginner to Pro.

    Written By Luke Chmielewski (Team – 22/01/2001