Supercross Fox Yeah bars

Supercross’ Kris Fox had a big year in 2008, winning the NBL Super-X #1, and he was a member of the USA Olympic Long Team. While things seemed to have slowed down for him on the racing side of things, for the moment, he’s still making a big impact and it’s going viral. Kris and Bill from Supercross put their heads together and came up with the Fox Yeah! bars and they are one of the hottest items in BMX racing right now.

Supercross Fox Yeah barsThey are a standard 8 inch rise bar and are 28 inches wide, it’s the 6 degrees of back sweep and 2 degrees of up sweep that set them apart from other bars.

For handlebars 6 degrees of back sweep feels very “flat” and isn’t for everyone. What some people find comfortable others might hate, bike setup and handlebars in particular are very personal. It’s surprising that the Fox Yeah Bars have half the back sweep of bars like the popular S&M Race or Slams but yet to feel them for yourself the bend still feels natural. It’s been said that you can generate more power out of a flatter bar. What’s truly amazing is to hear how quickly these things sell out.

We had handy 30+ rider Simon Trewin check them out for us. You might remember it was Simon who also did the Supercross SLT fork review. We invited him back to help us out with this one too because his feedback is always honest and to the point.

Supercross Fox Yeah barsHis response to the Fox Yeah bars went like this

  • After receiving the bars “100 Grams lighter than the old bars, that’s a good start”
  • After putting them on his bike “I put the bars on and they feel awesome! Like riding an improved Redline, does that make it a Supercross?”
  • After the first track session “They feel wider than my old bars, maybe it’s the 6 degrees of back sweep instead of the 12 of the old ones. I’m happy Jan. It feels like you can get more power out of them.

When we asked Supercross if they will be making a cruiser handlebar to match they said that Kris isn’t a fan of cruisers, and there wasn’t any plans of making a cruiser bar with the same bends any time soon.

The Fox Yeah bars are made from full seamless heat treated cro-mo tubing, which makes them stiff and strong, and they weigh in at 785 grams. They come in Gloss Black, Matt Black, Gloss White, Clear Raw, and Highlighter Yellow.


Value for money:5/5


  • Light weight and strong bars that a built to last
  • Amongst the lightest of the pro size bars
  • Stiff, strong and light, what more could you ask for from a set of bars?
  • Very clean finish in both the paint and the welds

Supercross BMX is imported in Australia by The Compound Australia have your local bike shop contact sxaustralia@supercrossbmx.com for details.

Reviewed by Simon Trewin and Shane Jenkins/bmxultra.com October 27 2010

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