Clayborn with Richard Bunt

    Behind the man behind Clayborn How did you first get involved in BMX?
    Richard: I saw it in Texas while visiting my brother, he use to race MX for Honda on the Florida circuit…. and when I went to Texas to visit him, he took me to a track to watch a race. When was that?
    Richard: like around 81-82 I think. When I came back to Alabama, I didn’t know where a track was, or how to find one. So in 85 I finally found out that Alabama had 6 tracks. What placing did you finish in your first race?
    Richard: I got 2nd… I still have the trophy…lol. Did you race any of the national events?
    Richard: No not until, 87. What was your highest nationals finish?
    Richard: I was a consistent 5th in my mains…I was top 20 most of the time at years end. I really wasn’t good, but got some good breaks. You are Alabama’s BMX state commissioner right? What do you do as commissioner?
    Richard: I over see the state qualifiers and championship head up the programs we run in the state NBL programs. To make sure no one cheats?
    Richard: Well, not really on the cheating, but I am the national director, but just on a state level Is there a website for Alabama BMX?
    Richard: check out

    Some Clayborn History How did you get involved in Clayborn?
    Richard: As an investor with Bill Madden Hey…so where you racing when you first got involved with Clayborn?
    Richard: Yeah I was, I had just got back into it, after some time off for school. When was that?
    Richard: 94 or 95 I’m not too sure. Was there anyone else involved?
    Richard: Nope. He bought it from the original owner and needed some cash to get it going, so I stepped in. Who was the original owner?
    Richard: Scott…something…I can’t think of his last name. Ok, so when did Bill leave Clayborn?
    Richard: In 2002, I bought him out of his half. Did he leave to start Xtrskn?
    Richard: No he had that going long before we got Clayborn going.

    Clayborn today How would you describe how Clayborn fits into the BMX industry? A small-medium manufacturer?
    Richard: We are gearing back to the small company we were where, the customer service is second to none and as always the best frames and accessories on the market. So, I would say we are a small company, we are looking to make on a certain number of each size of our frames and when they sell out, they are gone until next year, so they aren’t flooding the market. Ok, so recently you made some changes…tell us what is going on with Clayborn now
    Richard: We’re going to continue making top quality frames and products. We’ll add another cruiser size, we have a junior, expert and pro. I want to add a true pro size and make our current pro the pro XL…There is a lot in store for Clayborn this year. You’re not revealing any of your secrets?
    Richard: Well, I will at a later date, just in case something falls through… Ok, so tell us about the unusual design of your frames, how did you come up with it?
    Richard: It was more Bill doing the designs, then he would run them by me. After talking to a few engineers, we realized that the small gusset bar we have actually takes much of the shock from a cased jump. With that the shock waves are very short and doesn’t add any wear and tear to the main frames. Will you stick with that design for a while then?
    Richard: Yeah, if it isn’t broke why fix it? Oh just a little insight to something new, we are redesigning our CRX, which will be 100% race cromo frame and a new street/dirt frame as well. It’s your first cromo frame in a while isn’t it?
    Richard: Yeah it is… what have you been using for your frames?
    Richard: T-6 6061 aluminum. There is a slight possibility of a little T&A happening here, meaning Titanium and Aluminum…keep ya eyes peeled for that. made in the USA?
    Richard: Yeah all our stuff is 100% made in the USA There would be very few companies in the USA with their frames 100% USA built now right?
    Richard: Well, some claim to be, but the truth is many go to Taiwan, but there are some, S&M, Fit, I think Standard still is, but I am not sure of all that are or aren’t, I just know a few that claim to be but aren’t. What do you do aside from the frames? Forks and handlebars?
    Richard: Yeah bars, stems, forks, and working on a new bar end and chain tensioner. The forks are cromo right?
    Richard: Yeah they are…..

    The Race Team How many riders do you have on your team?
    Richard: Barry Nobles 15 expert, Evan Bartlett 17 expert, John Andrews 21-24 expert, and we are currently talking to a AA Pro to add to the line up. Who are the teams co-sponsors?
    Richard: Right now we have a few co-sponsors, but looking for more, they are, Cane Creek, FLY Racing Products, UGP, Kovachi Wheels, XTRSKN, and MP mini, all of which have great web sites, so check them out. How is the new team going this year?
    Richard: Doing really good. How much influence do your team riders have in the geometry/design of your products?
    Richard: Some, but to be honest, my riders would ride anything, they are good and they love to ride, but they do ask or show me ideas some.

    What’s new? How’s the rework of your website coming along?
    Richard: Very well, we’ve just got to get some frame and rider pictures done and we will be up and running. Sounds good…have the frames changed much?
    Richard: No, not at all. Have the jersey or the stickers?
    Richard: No, we are getting some new art work for the t-shirts. But not changing the frame stickers or let me say I don’t plan to, but you never know. Do you export at all at the moment?
    Richard: No, we are going to sale direct on the internet, so I am thinking that when we do that, any one anywhere can get a frame if they want one. Is that going to be the only way people can buy Clayborn bikes/frames?
    Richard: No, at the races we are working with 2 of the big vendors. Are you going to be teaming up with the major websites to direct traffic to the online sales?
    Richard: Yes, keep an eye out.

    For more information about Clayborn Bicycles, you can email them at or check out their website at
    (The site was down when we wrote the interview, keep checking back if it’s still down when you read this.)