Charles Townsend

    Charles “The AMTRAK” Townsend is a power house and a living legend, one of few 80’s BMX legends that can still cut it in the AA Pro class today. He’s one of even fewer who has his own website. When/how and where did you get started in BMX?
    Charles: I started racing about 18 years ago. A friend who lived around the corner raced, I asked him where the track was and went to go check it out with a friend. And I have been hooked ever since. It was at a local track near my house. When did you turn pro?
    Charles: I turned pro back in 1987 when I was riding for Revcore. How did you know it was time to turn pro?
    Charles: I knew it was time when I had gotten #1 in amateur in NBL and at the World Championships. It was just the next step. It has changed my life a great deal. I have been to places were most people have not been and it has been a great education. What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t racing?
    Charles: If I was not racing I would be in a whole lot of trouble. What are your highest rankings?
    Charles: I have #1 in ABA, #1 World Champion and #1 in ABA. What happened between you and Robinson?
    Charles: Some people at Robinson just thought I did not have what it takes to be a Champ any more. Who are your sponsors?
    Charles: Right now, my sponsors are; Troy Lee, Haro, Vans, ODI, Knucklebone, Answer, Clifbar. Tell us about your website
    Charles: My website is something that I may start to sell product on. Just for my co-sponsors though. How often will it be updated?
    Charles: As soon as I get all of my sponsor deals done for 2000, I can really update it. What effect do you think the web will have on BMX?
    Charles: I think BMX will be able to benefit from the internet. One way or another. Grant White lived with you in the 1998 season, what was he like?
    Charles: Grant was a good guy to live with. He snores a little loud though. Do you think that Grant should have stayed in the US?
    Charles: I most definitely think Grant should have stayed for another season. Do you keep in contact with him?
    Charles: Yup, I try to stay in touch as much as possible through e-mail. What is your greatest BMX memory?
    Charles: I have so many great BMX memories, but getting the number one would have to be pretty high up the list. What is your favourite country to ride in?
    Charles: One of my favorite countries would have to be Aussie and N.Z. What do you think of clipless pedals?
    Charles: I think clipless pedals are for kooks. What are the biggest differences between BMX today and when you first started?
    Charles: The tracks these days are a lot more technical and more jumps. Where do you see BMX in 5 years?
    Charles: I see BMX getting more recognition in 5 years. What kind of music do you listen to?
    Charles: I listen to all kinds of music. What do you think of Neil Young?
    Charles: I don’t like country. If you could change anything about BMX what would it be?
    Charles: If I could change anything, it would be the schedules and of course bigger purses.

    Interviewed: 31 Dec 1999