Todd Lyons How/When/Where did you start racing BMX?

    Todd: My uncle bought me a bike (Redline MX II) when I was 9 in 1981 in Ohio. When did you turn pro?

    Todd: In 1990, right before I moved out to California If you could change anything about BMX Racing what would it be?

    Todd: Harder tracks, less races, and more $ Who are your sponsors?

    Todd: Huffy, Arnette, Knucklebone, ODI, JNCO, Powerbar, DK, Odyssey, CTI. Do you prefer riding your cruiser or 20?

    Todd: 20, but it’s sometimes easier to do good in cruiser. Dirt Jumping is bigger in Australia than Racing how’s the Dirt Jumping Scene in the US?

    Todd: It’s getting huge right now because all of the TV and everything. If you had to choose to either race or Dirt Jump what would you choose?

    Todd: Dirt jumping, but as of right now there aren’t too many dirt jumpers making a living from it. So I’ll continue to race also, even though the tracks have been so crappy lately. What music do you listen to?

    Todd: Older rap, like EPMD, Public Enemy, Eric B, BDP, Kool G Rap What do you think of Neil Young?

    Todd: Who’s that!? Are you looking forward to coming to Australia? Will you be racing or jumping or both?

    Todd: I’ll be doing both. Yeah, I’m excited, it should be pretty fun because I’ll be over there for the World Cup and the World’s. Have you been to Australia before?

    Todd: Yeah, in Brisbane for the 1989 World’s It is cool that Huffy is back in BMX in the US, do you know if they have any plans for Australia?

    Todd: No, not as far as I know. I think they only sell bikes in the US If you weren’t involved in BMX what do you think you would be doing?

    Todd: Sitting in an office working being pissed off. What are your favourite BMX websites?

    Todd: I don’t know. I just got a computer so I’m still checking everything out out there on the web. What do you think of the worlds being an indoor event?

    Todd: I’m stoked! Every year the World’s are always on a super easy power track. Hopefully this year it’ll be technical for once. BMX racing rules and officials in Australia (particularly Victoria) are real strict. For example you cannot jump with any style  without risking being DQ’d, is there anything you would like to say to these people?

    Todd: Yes, these old farts need to relax and let the kids have some fun!

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    (The above photo is from the ODI Wildman Grips ad)

    Interviewed: June 1998