2020 UCI Supercross Round 3 & 4, Bathurst Australia, Schedule, Live Video & Links

    The 2020 UCI Supercross World Cup series is in full swing after two action packed opening rounds in Shepparton last weekend. We now look to Bathurst for round 3 & 4 of the World Cup series.

    Alise Post has stamped her dominance on the Women’s Elite Class, while Niek Kimmann and Connor Fields both have wins in the Men’s elite.

    The Australian’s are looking strong and it’s only a matter of time before Anthony Dean or Saya Sakakibara improve on their second place finishes to take a top step on the podium and lead the strong field of Australian racers to make an impact. Make sure you keep your eye out on Izaac Kennedy and Lauren Reynolds who look like they are out to make a statement. The Aussie contingency is much deeper than that though with the likes of Caroline Buchanan, Josh McClean, Max Cairns, Bodi Turner, Kai Sakakibara and one of my favourite riders Hayden Fletcher flying the flag.

    Here’s a schedule and collection of links that should help you find all the information you should need for following the racing and results over the weekend. The schedule has local starting times for many major cities world wide.

    2020 Top Ten After 2 Rounds

    Elite Women

    3. VALENTINO Manon FRA
    4. STANCIL Felicia USA
    5. REYNOLDS Lauren AUS
    6. SMULDERS Laura NED
    7. PAJON Mariana COL
    9. ETIENNE Axelle FRA
    10. CHRISTENSEN Simone DEN

    Elite Men

    1. FIELDS Connor USA
    2. DEAN Anthony AUS
    3. KIMMANN Niek NED
    4. GRAF David SUI
    5. ANDRE Sylvain FRA
    6. KENNEDY Izaac AUS
    7. RAMIREZ YEPES Carlos Alberto COL
    8. MAHIEU Romain FRA
    9. RENCUREL Jeremy FRA
    10. BLANC Renaud SUI


    Round 1 on Saturday 8 February racing starts at Shepparton at 11:00 (Local time)

    Live stream start time

    Auckland1:00 pm
    London12:00 am
    Los Angeles4:00 pm (Friday)
    Melbourne11:00 am
    New York7:00 pm (Friday)
    Phoenix (RTB)4:00 pm (Friday)

    Racing Schedule

    Saturday 8 February 2020
    08:00 AM10:55 AM2:55Practice
    11:00 AM11:35 PM0:35Men Round 1
    11:35 AM11:50 AM0:15Women Round 1
    11:55 AM12:10 PM0:15Men – Last Chance
    12:10 PM12:20 PM0:10Women – Last Chance
    12:30 PM1:00 PM0:30Men 1/16 Finals
    1:20 PM1:35 PM0:15Women 1/8 Finals
    1:35 PM1:50 PM0:15Men 1/8 Finals
    2:00 PM2:10 PM0:10Women 1/4 Finals
    2:10 PM2:20 PM0:10Men 1/4 Finals
    2:30 PM2:40 PM0:10Women 1/2 Finals
    2:40 PM2:50 PM0:10Men 1/2 Finals
    3:00 PM3:10 PM0:10Women Finals
    3:10 PM3:20 PM0:10Men Finals

    Round 2 on Sunday 9 February racing starts at Shepparton at 11:30

    Live stream start time

    Auckland1:30 pm
    London12:30 am
    Los Angeles4:30 pm (Saturday)
    Melbourne11:30 am
    New York7:30 pm (Saturday)
    Phoenix (RTB)4:30 pm (Saturday)

    Racing Schedule

    Sunday 9 February 2020
    10:00 AM11:25 AM1:25Practice
    11:30 PM12:05 PM0:35Men Round 1
    12:05 PM12:20 PM0:15Women Round 1
    12:40 PM12:55 PM0:15Men – Last Chance
    12:55 PM1:05 PM0:10Women – Last Chance
    1:25 PM1:55 PM0:30Men 1/16 Finals
    2:15 PM2:30 PM0:15Women 1/8 Finals
    2:30 PM2:45 PM0:15Men 1/8 Finals
    3:05 PM3:15 PM0:10Women 1/4 Finals
    3:15 PM3:25 PM0:10Men 1/4 Finals
    3:45 PM3:55 PM0:10Women 1/2 Finals
    3:55 PM4:05 PM0:10Men 1/2 Finals
    4:35 PM4:45 PM0:10Women Finals
    4:45 PM4:50 PM0:10Men Finals

    Live Stream


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