Big Chair Interview with Domingos Lammoglia (USA/Brazil)

    Domingos Lammoglia, a Florida native originally out of Brazil, follows the UCI Supercross World Cup as a full time coach for a number of Elite BMXers from various parts of the world.

    An accomplished rider himself, with two world championships under his belt, Domingos knows what it takes to reach the highest levels in BMX racing.

    At Bathurst after the extreme wind conditions shut down the third round of the 2020 World Cup series Domingos joined us in the ECI trailer to try to avoid the wind and rain for a Big Chair interview. However avoiding the conditions wasn’t entirely possible, through the interview you will hear the howling wind and even see the trailer sway from it’s immense strength. Regardless we soldiered on and produced what we think is a riveting interview covering Domingos, BMX in Brazil and coaching some of the worlds best BMXers.

    Including the likes of;

    • Anderson Souza (Brazil)
    • Jeremy Smith (USA)
    • Kohey Yoshii (Japan)
    • Tatsumi Matsushita (Japan)
    • Taichi Ikegame (Japan)
    • You Kikuchi (Japan)
    • McKenzie Gayheart (USA)
    • Mattia Furlan (Italy)
    • Brayan Querales (Venezuela)
    • Fede Villegas (Argentina)
    • Gonzalo Rengel (Equador)
    • Tyler Klumper (South Africa)
    • Andre Lacroixx (Peru)
    • Iago Machado (Brazil)

    Apologies for the poor sound quality, but we can assure you we will continue to work on improving these interviews over time and hopefully catch up with Domingos again in the near future under better conditions.

    You can follow Domingos on Instagram @dlbmx1

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