More Tubeless Tire Options On Their Way From Alienation

    We just heard from Zach Taylor, the head honcho over at Alienation BMX, the industry leader in performance BMX rims. After many years in development they released their first tubeless tires to the market mid 2018. They have been slow on the uptake, which is mostly due to limited tire sizes. They are currently only available in 20 x 1.95, the F1, and 20 x 1.60, the R1. The F1 and R1 world seamlessly with Alienation Mischief and Malice rims, which is no surprise really since it’s the only tubeless rim and tire combo for BMX racing that was designed from the ground up to work as a complete tubeless system, known as the TCS, Tubeless Compatible System.

    What’s due to come out of Alienation over the coming months?

    • 20 x 1.75 TCS tubeless tires
    • A new colour option for all TCS tire models
    • 24″ TCS tubeless tires in 24″ x 1.6, 24″ x 1.75 and 24″ x 1.95
    • Carbon TCS tubeless rims
    • New TCS sealant so you don’t have to put up with inferior sealants
    • There’s some movement in the 20 x 1 3/8″ market that will get the Factory Dads excited, but it’s a little further on the horizon, so we’ll keep that one to ourselves for the moment.

    Want to know more about Alienation’s Tubeless Compatible System?

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