BMX Movies and Shows on Amazon’s Prime Video

    Are you looking for some BMX action on the TV to entertain the family? Maybe you are looking for something that perhaps you haven’t seen before? There’s nothing quite like the old favourites like Rad or BMX Bandits, but there are a huge number of BMX and BMX related movies and TV shows if you go hunting.

    Now let me get started by saying this isn’t an ad, I simply went looking for something BMX related. I came up empty on Netflix, although I’m sure if Prime Video has stuff surely there’s something on Netflix.

    This is what we have found so far on Amazon (and yep most of it is dated).

    • BMX Bandits (1983, Age 7+)
      Two BMX expert bikers and a friend of theirs (Nicole Kidman) become entangled with a group of bank robbers after discovering a carton of walkie-talkies.
    • Olympic Sports: Episode 5 (2016, Age 7+)
      WIRED explores the science behind what it really takes to be an Olympic BMX athlete, featuring Alise Post and Connor Fields.
    • Living the Ride (2017, Age 13+)
      Living the Ride, is a 3-part half hour adventure travel series featuring world-class athletes, Olympians and adventure travellers Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan. Caroline and Barry spend their lives travelling the globe, riding motorbikes, entering competitions and challenging each other to extreme adventures.
    • Silent Revolution (2012, All ages)
      Silent Revolution is a documentary based show, focusing on the rapidly expanding world of BMX Downhill, Freestyle and 4Cross. The episodes travel across Britain, France and Germany including the Red Bull Winterburg festival, as we follow selected teams and join them as they compete for honors across Europe.

    You might find a couple of other shows that feature BMX but they are slim pickings. Given that Prime Video is a cheap streaming service it might be worth paying for the month to watch the BMX content.  Head over to and check out the pricing for yourself.

    We’ll keep searching for BMX content, but if anything comes to mind make sure you email and we’ll share your suggestions with the wider BMX community.

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