News photo and video archives are back

    The photo and video archives are back and they go way back! was started back in 1996 so we have a lot of history. Since we rarely remove any of it, unless it’s to make room for more content, it almost all still exists.

    2011 June – Sleemans Qld – Track Opening Event

    It was pointed out recently that the photos archive wasn’t working so over this past week we’ve been chipping away at restoring it.

    2010 January – Pheasant Creek, Victoria, AUS. The Alienation BSX2010

    Now it’s all still on our old site that we migrated away from 8 years ago, but it’s there. Maybe one day we’ll find time to bring it under the new site so it’s not so clunky. But that’s a project for another day.

    20September 2 – Louisville, KY. USA. NBL Grand Nationals – Sunday Finals

    We hope you enjoy looking back at some of the many races we’ve covered from World Cups at Geelong in 97 to World Championships to various NBL and ABA events, BSX ride days and races to Victorian State Championships and National Championships and beyond. It’s been a great journey and looking back on it just inspires us to keep pushing forward.

    2003 July – Perth, Western Australia – UCI World Championships – elite classes

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