Bruce Morris’s Beginners Guide to Gearing

    LuxBMX’s Bruce Morris is a long time coach and racer. He’s taken on the arduous task of breaking down BMX gearing, what it is and what it means for the BMX racer. While it is quite in-depth it’s a pretty good explanation. You may have already seen it but if you haven’t seen it yet make sure you check it out.

    As a BMX racer, coach, and mad fan of BMX racing since the early 80s, there’s no topic that dominates the pits, race day banter and Facebook groups like BMX race gearing does. As soon as you are immersed into the BMX race world, from club night racing to world cups, a common conversation is often “what gearing are you running mate?”

    But what is BMX gearing exactly, and what does it all mean in relation to you or your young rider when you’re just starting out? In very basic terms, it’s how hard the bike is to pedal, and the BMX bike you buy out of a shop, or second hand, has its gearing set as per the combination of the sprockets. But how do you know if it’s right for the rider, or track? We are going to try to explain this, and give you some knowledge so that you can make an informed choice on whether you need to change the gearing on your race bike. After all, because BMX bikes are a single speed bicycle, the only way to make the bike easier (or harder) to pedal, is by changing the sprockets.

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