ECITV – 100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 24 “Run Away Train”

Aussie BMX racing legend Jamie Hales joins us for Episode 24 of ECITV where we have an in depth conversation about BMX past, how he got involved in BMX and his days with Mongoose. We also run through new product and events updates.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:37)

New Stuff


  • The 2020 Queensland State Championships are on at Sleemans and conclude tomorrow.
    Results are at
  • The 2020 SA BMX Championships are also on this weekend Blue Lake BMX Club at Mount Gambier September 25-27
  • Good luck to everyone competing.
  • With the cancellation of the Rock Hill supercross round, the 2020 World Cup is done. Maybe they should have called it the Australian Cup?

Women Top 5
1. Alise Willoughby (USA)
2. Saya Sakakibara (AUS)
3. Manon Valentino (FRA)
4. Felicia Stancil (USA)
5. Lauren Reynolds (AUS)
Caroline Buchanan finished in 13th
Rachel Gaskin 46th

Men Top 5
1. Connor Fields (USA)
2. Anthony Dean (AUS)
3. Carlos Yepes (COL)
4. Sylvain Andre (FRA)
5. David Graf (SUI)
Izaac Kennedy 9th
Josh McLean 11th
Bodi Turner 18th
Max Cairns 27th
Michael Bias 34th

  • The Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike should be back next episode
    Don’t forget to send in your submissions to

Discussion with Jamie Hales (Jump to 9:18)

It was an honour to have BMX royalty, and the first superstar of Australian BMX racing, Jamie Hales join us. The hall of famer, national champion and a poster boy for BMX and Mongoose bicycles across Australia with his photo on the back of weetbix packets and a regular in magazines.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and a special thanks to Answer BMX, ECI BMX, and Supercross BMX Australia for their ongoing support. A massive shout out to our subscribers.

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