ECITV – 100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 3 “Home Alone”

    We hooked up with Gary from ECI Imports via Skype to record our longest ECITV episode yet with 6 new guests, lots of juicy BMX talk and some information on brand new products to be released soon. It’s just shy of 1 hour and 13 minutes, but don’t worry we’ve broken it up into 3 bite sized chunks to make it easier to consume.

    Introduction to the show

    How Coronavirus is affecting the BMX industry

    • Talking to industry experts including
      • Bill Ryan from Supercross BMX
      • John Sawyer from Answer/SSquared/Clayborn
      • Bruce Morris from Lux BMX Race

    Dozers Dad Joke Battles

    • We hear from Dozer who gives us a an intro to DJB
    • Our first battle: Max Cairns Vs Connor Fields

    Disc brake Vs V brake with some insights from

    • Bill Ryan from Supercross BMX
    • Bruce Morris from Lux BMX Race

    Show Us Ya Bike

    Contact us through

    How Coronavirus is affecting the BMX industry

    We know about track and event closures but what about stores and manufacturers? John and Bill also share some new product information.

    Interviews with

    • Bill Ryan from Supercross BMX/Speedline
    • John Sawyer from Answer/SSquared
    • Bruce Morris from Lux Race

    Dozer’s Dad Joke Battles

    • Shaun Collins, the Dozer, introducing the segment
    • Aussie Hot Shot Max Cairns Vs Current Olympic Gold Medalist Connor Fields go head to head in our first Dozer’s Dad Joke Battle

    Disc Vs V Brakes

    • An in depth discussion on Discs Vs V Brakes
    • We ask Bill Ryan from Supercross BMX and Bruce Morris from Lux BMX Race for their opinions

    Show Us Ya Bike

    • Zane Hall (SSquared)
    • Craig Austin (Supercross)
    • Taylah Buganey (Meybo)
    • Adam Baker (TNT Cruiser)
    • Heinz Langeder (Mid School TNT)


    Thanks for all the contributors especially John Sawyer, Bill Ryan, Bruce Morris, Max Cairns, Connor Fields and Shaun Collins – the Dozer

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    • When Shane and Gary get together you can be sure there will be some laughs, and always bound to be some bloopers

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