Product Spotlight: The Sprintblock

    It looks like we’re hunkered down for COVID-19 for some time, so I started to look for the most cost effective BMX specific training equipment. There’s nothing that I can find that’s more cost effective and flexible than The Sprintblock.

    “The Sprintblock™ is the first tool ever designed specifically to address the development of the gate start away from the competition starting gate, allowing the “skills within the skills” to be built.”

    There’s the obvious practice gate solutions from the likes of Prostart and Pro Gate, and then the lesser known Genie Concept and the more affordable solutions from FreshPark and Yellow Cat BMX. The problem with those is they are all a lot more of a financial commitment and they aren’t anywhere near as portable.

    If you are looking for a way to improve your gate and sprint technique, to use at home, take a look at the Sprintblock.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Sprintblock™ is the only portable, cost effective training device engineered to focus on “BMX specific” explosive power and strength training.

    Key ingredients in developing balance and producing horsepower can be taught in the multilateral development years (13 and under) to produce immediate results to bridge the gap between general sprint training and the BMX gate start. This allows for the foundations to be built correctly before specialisation approaches in the coming years.

    The Sprintblock™ will help make the transition from platform pedals to SPD pedals more enjoyable and seamless, a blended approach of both pedal systems in the daily training environment is recommended.

    Sprintblock™ is the best training tool in the sport to teach movement principles of the gate start.