How to fit your BMX stem properly so your handlebars don’t slip

We could just tell you the basic steps of how to tighten your stem down, but we wanted to provide a lot more than just that.

In this video we discuss

  • Rise
  • Preparing the stem for installation
  • How many head set spacers you should run under your stem
  • How tight you should tighten the bolts
  • Top load versus front load stems
  • Torx bolts versus hex key bolts
  • CNC’d versus forged versus cast stems
  • Steel versus titanium versus chrome plated bolts

Short Cuts

  • 7:26 How to tighten standard stems correctly.
  • 17:07 How to tighten Von Sothen Racing & CXP newer style stems. (Where one side of the face plate clamps completely shut).

A massive thanks to Paul Knox who has many years experience in the bike industry. Paul is a wealth of BMX knowledge that we will be drawing from to create more handy video to help set up your BMX bike perfectly.