Interview: Bobby Bike – Life Behind Bars Album Launch

    In this interview we catch up with Bobby Bike following the recent release of his second BMX themed album, Life Behind Bars.

    It’s jam packed with fun songs about BMX that’s safe for the whole family. A must listen for anyone who’s obsessed with BMX.

    We talk about the origins of Bobby Bike, his musical background, his BMX background, the tracks on the Life Behind Bars album (and some from BMX 4 Life) and what to expect from Bobby Bike in the near future.

    Big thanks to Bobby Bike for joining us.

    Bobby Bike – Live Behind Bars Track List

    1. Pedal Pedal Pedal
    2. Sweet Sesh
    3. Mmm Mamacita
    4. Fly
    5. Ride or Die
    6. Holeshot Honey
    7. Freestyle Like a Reptile
    8. Red Bull and Reggae Days
    9. Dirty Girl
    10. I Got Love


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