Product Spotlight: 299Custom Race Pants

    299 Custom Racewear have been working hard on their custom jerseys over the past two or so years and have been making a big impact on the Australian BMX scene. They are now expanding their range and making the move into pant market. They launched the pant range this week with a specially priced run of Australian themed pants aimed at those competing at the World Championships, and anyone else who’s interested in racing in the green and gold.

    I thought I’d take a closer look at what 299 have in store for us with their new pants and shot a couple of questions to the head honcho Adam Baker.


    • The worlds pants special $125 plus postage
    • There is also a custom design option $170
    • There will be a stock/retail version that will be available in black only $130

    All will be available online (the website should be launched in the next week)
    There will be some on display at Australian Championships in Shepparton with limited stock available

    The custom and worlds pants are made to order

    The pants weigh 355grams – 120 less than Troy Lee making them possibly the lightest pants out there while offering full stretch, laser cut ventilation and they are sooooo comfy!

    They have been World Cup tried and tested by Hayden Fletcher.

    Hayden Fletcher at the Manchester World Cup 2019. Photo thanks to

    The worlds pants aren’t limited either, they have just an order cut off date of June 5 (to allow for manufacturing) the cut off is for worlds riders they will stay on the site after that but the price may go up.

    There will be a specially priced race kit with custom pants and jersey for $220

    Custom jerseys start at $75 (no art charges) plus postage.

    To find out more check out

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