Product Spotlight: Jigsaw Jumps Large Portable Ramp & L+ Extension

    Jigsaw Jumps portable jumps are the best thing to have come out of COVID lockdowns. When you are limited as to how far from home you can go you can always bring the jumps to you. You can also take them out on your rides once you are able to get around. The Large jump fits in a specific harness, which you can purchase separately, so you can take it on rides with you. A win win no matter how you look at it.

    At 520mm tall, when fully set up, the Large is currently the largest portable jump in the Jigsaw Jumps line up. If that doesn’t sound like it’s big enough for you Jigsaw Jumps have recently released the extensions for their jumps. The L+ extension takes the Large to 79cm tall.

    I’ve been playing with a large jump with a L+ extension and, while it’s different launching to flat, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. It’s portable and light enough to move around and use existing terrain and features to create landers, wall rides, or whatever your imagination comes up with. The sky is literally the limit. At the same time it’s extremely stable and reliable.

    If you are looking to improve your jumping skills, or just want a portable jump you can take anywhere, make sure you check it out.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    The Large is like the Medium’s bigger brother, taking it to the next level with steeper geometry and higher takeoffs. It’s a bigger package but can still be carried on a bike comfortably with the optional harness.

    As well as being an extra 14cm taller, the Large is 10cm wider than the Medium- giving you more space for tricks and extra stability so you can hit it with confidence and send it even higher.

    Assembled ramp dimensions: 130mm – 520mm (height) x 500mm (width), 925mm – 1485mm (length)
    Ramp Weight: 11.5kg
    Assembly time: 2 mins

    Durable birch ply deck with anti-slip ramp surface. Australian made structural film-faced plywood construction.

    Maximum combined weight limit of bike and rider: 130kg

    Maximum rider speed: 30km/h

    Jigsaw Jumps Large Ramp

    L+ Extension:
    The L+ turns the Large into a Boosty Kicker that requires a suitable down-slope to land on. It is too big to fit in the harness, but folds flat to fit in the boot of a car.


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