Product Spotlight: Jigsaw Jumps Pocket Rocket Portable Ramp

    Jigsaw Jumps portable jumps are a godsend. Four different sized ramps that you can take anywhere and each offer at least 3 different configurations. Portable jumps have come a long way from the loose bricks and plank of wood jumps from back in the day. Jigsaw Jumps offer far better kick, greater portability and are a whole lot safer.

    The Pocket Rocket is probably the most flexible of all of the jumps that Jigsaw Jumps offer. It’s a small ramp that will fit in a standard backpack, it’s the cheapest in the line up and it still packs a punch if you are looking to send it. It’s so flexible that the sky is the limit with what you can do with it, quite literally.

    The Pocket Rocket can be used for fun creating jumps all over the neighbourhood, for adding a little extra kick to existing terrain in your backyard or even off the beaten track in your local trails. It’s a handy little tool to help develop jumping skills and rider confidence no matter how big or small the rider is.

    Check it out.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    The Pocket Rocket has an amazing amount of pop for it’s ultra-portable size! It’s short but it’s steep, so with the right technique it can launch you higher than you might think!

    The Pocket Rocket has been designed to be super light and compact- so small that you can chuck it in a standard backpack and you’ll barely notice it’s there when you’re searching out spots to hit. Made for skilled riders who know how to pop off lips- despite being small it is not suitable for beginners. Ideal for BMX and Dirt Jumpers, this little bad boy can be strategically placed to allow you to hit new features and enhance the terrain- try placing it on an uphill slope to create a step-up or turn a drop into a jump with an extra lip.


    • Assembled ramp dimensions:
      165mm – 270mm (height) x 350mm (width), 520mm – 765mm (length)
    • Packed dimensions:
      26mm (length) x 37mm (width) x 11mm (height)
    • Ramp weight: 3.8kg
    • Assembly time: 1.5 min

    Durable birch ply deck with anti-slip ramp surface. Australian made structural film-faced plywood construction.


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