Product Spotlight: Maxxis Relix Foldable BMX Race Tire

The most recent BMX race tire to come out Maxxis, the Relix, is another foldable high pressure race tire. Designed for reduced rolling resistance on todays faster and smoother track conditions. It’s currently only available in 20 x 1.75, so it is more of a rear specific tire that could be paired with a Maxxis Torch or DTH for the front.

Manufacturer’s Description

A BMX race tire for the world’s fastest tracks

  • 120 TPI casing
  • BMX race tire
  • Silkworm and SilkShield protection available

The Relix is a modern BMX racing tire optimized for the fastest track conditions in the world. A slick center line eases acceleration and maintains momentum to let you take the holeshot and stay up front. An inverted checkerboard pattern on the shoulders provides grip for the corners and unleashes the champion within.


SizeTPIBeadWeight (g)CompoundMax PSITech

SilkWorm Vs SilkShield


Silkworm is an exclusive material incorporated into the casing of select models, increasing puncture and tear resistance. Silkworm is featured under the tread as a breaker.


SilkShield offers protection from bead to bead whereas Silkworm is found under the tread only.

SilkShield provides an additional level of protection for sidewalls as well as under the tread.

Lusty Industries are the Australian distributor for Maxxis. For more information about Maxxis products in Australia check out

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