Product Spotlight: Stay Strong Chevron Helmet-Kit Bag

    One of the hottest items in BMX racing right now is the Stay Strong Chevron Helmet-Kit Bag. The helmet-kit bag goes far beyond any other helmet bag I’ve seen and it looks pretty damn slick too.

    Where your standard helmet bag might do a good job of protecting your helmet the Stay Strong option does that, with extra room, and offers a whole lot more.

    There’s a generous base compartment which is a great place for storing your shoes, a towel, padding and race clothes, especially after a hot and sweaty session at the track. Not only does it provide aeration it also keeps your gear completely separate from your helmet.

    If you can never find anything in the bottom of your current helmet bag, the Stay Strong bag is loaded with zip up pockets on all four walls and inside, including the lid, to keep your important gear safe, secure and organised.

    Keep your drink bottle outside the bag in one of the mesh pockets so it’s easy to access. Keys, wallet, phone, camera, headphones, iPad, the bag has room for all of those too, and more, and keeps them all away from prying eyes. You may not fit the kitchen sink in it, but I’m sure you get the picture.

    What are the cons? It’s a little bigger than other bags, but on the flip side of that, instead of taking two separate bags to the track, one for your helmet and one for all your gear, you can easily carry it all in one single bag. And to make it easier to carry you have a shoulder strap, or the option of using the standard carry handles. There’s no stone left unturned when designing this bag. On top of that I’ve heard nothing but good things.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Stay Strong’s Chevron Kit / Helmet Bag

    Separate compartments for:

    • Helmet – Main Compartment
    • Race Kit – Base Compartment
    • Shoes – Base Compartment
    • Waterbottle – Side Compartment
    • Gloves – Side Compartment


    Want To Know More?

    Check out the ECI website to see the wide range of Stay Strong products.