S&M Bikes Business for Sale?

    S&M Bikes is one of the biggest names in BMX with a whole lot of history dating back to their first set of handlebars in 1987. Before the carbon revolution took over BMX S&M Bars, stems and forks were among the most popular on the race scene. They are still very popular for older and larger riders and those who enjoy great quality components that are built to ride on and off the race track.

    I was sent a link for an “International BMX Bicycle Wholesaler & Manufacturer w/Real Estate” that looked suspiciously like it was describing S&M, Fit and The Building Distro.

    Here’s the link:

    Why do I think it’s S&M?

    Based in Orange County California. S&M is listed as Santa Ana which is just 2 miles away.

    I think this extract sums up S&M to a tee.

    The company was started by the current owner and founder over 30 years ago to create and design BMX bikes that could stand up to the hard riding punishment delivered by the best BMX riders in the world. Since then, the same rider and founder has built the company into an international powerhouse, with one of the best brands and products in the action sports world of BMX riding and racing. Since the company was founded, the action sports world and specifically the world of BMX has exploded on the scene, and this company has bene at the center of that expansion, and is loved and admired by the customers and end users worldwide.

    The reason for selling is listed as “retirement”.

    Would S&M be the same without Chris Moeller at the helm? I guess that really comes down to the new owner, but you would have to be wired a special way to take on S&M, Fit and all the related brands and keep it relevant and ahead of the curve.

    Am I completely wrong in thinking it’s S&M? I hope so. But if I’m right, Chris will be leaving behind a hell of a legacy for a well earned retirement.