Product Spotlight: Von Sothen Racing Black 4-Bolt Sprocket

    The guys at Von Sothen Racing don’t say much and they don’t spend a lot of time describing their products. In reality why would they need to give you any more than the cold hard facts? What they do though is create high end USA made products that are likely to leave you speechless too. In comparison to other manufacturers Von Sothen Racing, or VSR, are new to the sport of BMX racing. While some might frown on that fact the guys at VSR are coming at BMX with a fresh set of eyes and have been making a big impact. Check out their Fat Mouth Stem for example, it’s clearly not just another top loading stem. VSR aren’t just manufacturing their own great products but making it possible for other brands to manufacture in the US.

    We’ve highlighted some of their products in reviews and product spotlights in the past but their 4-Bolt Sprockets are new-ish to the VSR product lineup.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Von Sothen Racing Black Sprocket
    • 7075-T6
    • 4-Bolt
    • 104 BCD
    • Available in 36-53 tooth options

    *Available in any color as long as it is Black!

    Do you find the description a little lacking? Me too, especially since it doesn’t mention these key points which are found on their sister Facebook page over at

    • The only BMX sprocket with a lifetime replacement warranty.
    • These Black VSR Sprockets have been in the works for the last couple years. Well tested by the current elite pros and now available in all sizes for the public!
      A new out of the box way of thinking when it comes positive chain contact. Low wear, long life.

    “Lifetime replacement warranty”…whoa…I would have started the product description with that. When someone stands by their products like that you know they are confident and you should be too. Because like they say it will be “the last gear you’ll ever buy.”

    I wouldn’t believe everything you read on the VSR facebook page at though. This might be a stretch

    • they are proven to make you faster… Made from alien spacecraft grade aluminum sourced from outside of our galaxy.

    It is great though to see they don’t take themselves too seriously.

    Want to know more? Go check them out on Facebook at

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