Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator Updated

    We’ve been adding new features to the Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator to make it even easier to use.

    Features include;

    • Improved validation to tell you if there aren’t any results based on your selections and explain why
    • Smarter tire selection, we’ve disabled irrelevant tire size options based on your tire selection
    • Default setting adjusted to give you more results by default
    • We’ve fixed the display order to make the results tables easier to read

    The online gear chart is the most popular gear chart for BMX racing, it’s something we are very proud of creating. It allows the user to get a clear picture of the gear inches and roll out from their preferred gearing and tyre combination.

    The Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator does the reverse. Created just two years ago, it already get’s a lot of organic traffic. You start with the gear inches, add an accuracy range and select filters like Tyre Brand, Model and Size. You can even select if you want to see Rennen’s decimal gear options. Based on your selection it will show you various options and combinations of gears and tyres you could use to come to your desired gear inches.

    Sure you could do this all yourself, but it can be a time consuming process, the Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator is a free online calculator and takes the brain ache out of the process and lets you focus on the job at hand.

    Here’s some feedback we’ve had about the Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator over the past couple of years

    I was just having a play with it and it’s a very cool tool. Dial in your desired roll out and the database does all the key work. Awesome tool” – Adam Sylvester (DRT Industries)

    That looks unreal. I’m going to a clubby now. I’ll show some factory Dads” – Owen Douglas (Blackman’s Bicycles)

    I can now spend minutes rather than hours dwelling over my children’s gearing for each track. In all seriousness will be great to show people options in the shop.” – Andrew Jackson (RJPBMX Store)

    The Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator will continue to be developed with new features and refinements added over time. If you have any features/ideas that you would like to see added just contact us and we will do our best to bring those ideas to life.

    Click here to visit the Reverse Look Up Gear Calculator