Sizing Up Your BMX Racing Bike – A Rough Guide

    We’re often asked the tough questions. The most common being what would be the correct frame size/ handlebar size/ crank length/ stem length (or a combination) based on a riders weight, age or height. While we don’t expect to have all the answers we did create an easy to use sizing chart tool for this exact reason.

    A rough guide

    Now there is no right or wrong answer as to which bike set up is perfect for a specific rider, as often you will see people with the same build and age on very different bike set ups. There can be many factors that can lead to this. There are numerous theories about bike set up. Trends have a big influence on what size people would suggest, at the moment it’s a big trend to go for a longer frame for generating power/speed. It could also be heavily influenced by budget, for example a longer stem is more affordable than a longer frame. Rider preference is probably the biggest of all factors though, what makes the rider comfortable is always going to be a winner.

    Our sizing chart should always be used as a rough guide. As with all sports and equipment there will be some need to vary things up a bit and see what’s most comfortable for the rider.

    Easy to use

    Our sizing chart is easy to use. You only need two measurements to give you the ground work for a full bike set up.

    Rider height is used to determine

    • Frame size
    • Stem size
    • Handlebar rise
    • Handlebar width

    Rider inseam is used to determine the crank length. Although the accuracy of the calculator is to a single decimal point cranks won’t be available in all sizes so you would need to look for the closest available.

    Check it out for yourself

    BMX Sizing Chart

    Contact us and let us know if you have any feedback, problems, or questions.