Tech Talk: The Ultimate Rim Tape Set-up

    Do you use insulation tape or rubber rim tape on your wheels for BMX racing? Stop what you are doing, right now! Watch this video before you regret it.

    In this Teck Talk video we look at both Veloplugs and Answer BMX Rim tape as the ultimate rim tape combo/set-up.

    If you were thinking that Veloplugs are a stand alone solution, you are right. And if you were thinking that Answer Rim tape is a stand alone solution, you are also right. So why combine them? Check out the video to find out.

    Paul Knox’s Pro Tip: Just before you mount the tyre; take the tube out of the tyre and sprinkle some talcum power around inside the tyre. It help prevent friction and cuts down on pinch flats if you case.

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