Traakx: The Future of Training Devices

    Since the dawn of time BMXers have been trying to out race and out train each other. Along the way a variety of tech devices have been used to help the rider/athlete to measure/unitise their performance and development. There’s the simple stand alone options like obvious old favourite the stop watch, a wide variety of bike speedos and other automated timing systems like the Freelap systems. Rennen Design Group have been a leader in BMX specific devices like the Smart Sprint Speedometer and the G-Cog power meter.

    Other sports have been using tracking devices decked out with accelerometers, GPS, motion detection and wifi tied in to a smart phone app allowing the athlete, or in my case tech nerd, to track speed, altitude, GPS path, air time, elevation and a whole lot more. Theoretically it would make for a perfect tool to help today’s BMX racer improve all aspects of their riding and technique. Sure, your smart phone could perform the same functionality, but it’s a bit hard to focus on the job at hand and get accurate readings with your phone bouncing around in your pocket.

    Of the products I have found a lot of them have lead to dead ends, brilliant ideas that just couldn’t get off the ground. Then there are a few that are aimed at different sports like Kite Surfing, Snow Boarding and Wake Boarding.

    The one stand out I have found, which still looks active and is aimed at just about every sport it the Traakx.

    While the app has been available for download since April it appears that the device is still in development, but going by their road map, it’s not too far off.

    This could be the future of training.

    Check this out.

    TRAAKX is the 1st social network dedicated to sports athletes combined with artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. A new way for athletes to share and monetize their passion and focus on what they do best, pratice their favorite sport.

    What can you do with TRAAKX ?

    • TRAAKX is the #1 app that analyze your GoPro metadata
    • Import your GoPro video file using our website or the iPhone app
    • Track your speed, altitude, GPS path, G-Force, Elevation and more. Like this run
    • Share your run on the TRAAKX community and compare yourself with athletes worldwide
    • Analyse your datas and become better by working on your weak points and get advices from pro athletes
    • Improve your skills, style, performances, training results
    • Follow professional athletes and train like them
    • Communicate by private message with TRAAKX members

    Are you a professional athlete ? You can generate a passive income with TRAAKX

    • Create your run library by uploading your GoPro video file, your fans would love to see your training session so they can train like you.
    • A up-to-date profile with runs will increase your presence on the TRAAKX NETWORK and give you more visibility
    • Share your TRAAKED’ runs on your social profiles. Your friends will love to see how high, how fast, how crazy you can go while practicing your action sport.

    TRAAKX support GoPro Hero 5, 6 and 7 Metadata Visualization. This means if you have enabled the GPS option on your GoPro you will be able to use it on TRAAKX and discover a complete report of your data such as speed, distance, altitude, Gforce, GPS track, Roll, Pitch and much more synchronised with the video. It should work on the fusion too but we did not tested yet. Check here to find out how to enable GPS option on your GoPro Hero 5/6/7

    Our goal is to develop a dedicated and precise hardware to track all sports synchronised with a video.
    TRAAKX is the perfect combination of a powerful, inteligent, standalone device combined with an application dedicated for action sports addict.

    Some of the upcoming features on TRAAKX :
    • Athletes will be able to sell private coaching by text messages or videos with other TRAAKX members
    • Sell video footage uploaded on TRAAKX to advertisers
    • Find sponsors & Partners for shows or events
    • Get a professional Athlete career profile on the new TRAAKX website, easy to follow latest training sessions and competitions

    Our RoadMap:
    • May 2017 – Creation of the TRAAKX concept
    • November 2017 – Implementation of GoPro
    • Jan 2018 – TRAAKX dedicated hardware under developement
    • March 2018 – Improvements for TRAAKX algorythms
    • May 2018 – Launch of BLOC Cryptocurrency decentralized fuel to power the TRAAKX engine and services
    • December 2018 – TRAAKX web beta version is available online. Import a GoPro video and view already uploaded run.
    • April 2019 – TRAAKX iPhone app is released on the app store.

    Our plan is to release the dedicated website for TRAAKX with all the buying and selling features for september 2018 and hopefully to have a working final version of the TRAAKX dedicated hardware by the end of 2019.

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