Video: Kensington Dirt Jumps & Pump Track

One of the video features we have been meaning to introduce, along with the interviews and bike checks which you may have already seen, are of racers at their favourite ride spots. Our very own, Shane Jenkins is a regular at Kensington despite living over an hour away, you would often catch him there shooting the breeze with fellow racer Glenn Main.

If you are a regular reader of you may have heard of the Kensington Dirt Jumps/Pump track that are only a couple of kilometers outside of Melbourne City and quite close to the Docklands as well. Hardcore dirt jumpers would be right to say they aren’t hardcore enough, it is however a council built project for the masses, just another great initiative to get families outdoors and active. The park where the jumps are located is made up of the dirt jumps, and a pump track, right next door to a skate park and many other outdoor facilities.

It’s a great little park, well worth checking out and is fun for the whole family. But beware the track is only rideable when it’s dry, and it might be worth taking a broom to sweep away any loose rocks that tend to appear from time to time. The jumps in the video are just a small part of what makes up the Kensington Dirt Jumps & Pump track, over time we hope to be able to show you the whole park.

If you have a favourite ride spot you would like to share with readers please email, we’d love to hear from you.