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    Answer Edge Pants

    The Answer Edge BMX race pant has been my personal race pant of choice for the past few years now. Answer Edge pants have always looked great, been a comfortable fit, removable waist pads, had plenty of room for knee/shin guards underneath and of course featured the zip off legs for rapid cooling on hot days or converting into shorts.

    Answer Edge BMX Pants

    For 2007 the Answer Edge race pant has come out with a new look and a few refinements but with the same great features mentioned earlier. The zip off leg is more relevant in Australia now with the rule changes allowing riders the freedom to choose between racing in full length pants or shorts with knee/shin guards.

    Answer Edge BMX PantsThe two things I noticed immediately putting the Edge pants on is that the fabric feels a lot less stiff than previous models, making them even more comfortable and allowing even greater movement. The cut has changed as well, so much so that going from a size 38 of the prior model to a 38 of this model was like actually going up 2 extra sizes. The legs are much longer and the waist is also larger. The plastic ratchet style fastener at the front has been replaced with three different press studs to allow for adjustment, but there are also velcro adjusters on each side of the waist.

    Although I could have gone down a size, the amount of adjustment available in the waist allowed me to wear a loose pant that felt comfortable to race in in the heat without fear of getting caught in anything or falling down.

    After a couple of major multi day events and a number of washes they are still looking and feeling as good as new.

    Answer Edge pants are available from size 18 to 38.


    Value for money:5/5


    • A race pant for all occasions that’s customisable to fit riders of all sorts of shapes and sizes, now that’s value for money.
    • The pants feel so light on that you hardly know you are wearing them.
    • Once I had the pants set up the way I wanted them I was happy they would protect me from the often harsh track surfaces and look slick. Oh and I must mention there is an internal pocket, perfect for your car keys or some lunch money while you are at the races.
    • Once again the guys at Answer have come up with a fantastic looking pant in a range of colours including Blue, Black/Grey, Yellow and Red.

    Australia specific information:

    Answer products are imported into Australia by Advance Traders

    Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/bmxultra.com June 22 2007. Race photo by Derrick Mellish.

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