ATi Warlock grips

    ATi’s “WARLOCK” signature grip was designed for Australia’s own Warwick Stevenson (Haro Bikes). Warwick has a list of achievements longer than your arm, including; Former UCI World Champion, ABA’s 2001 & 2003 #1 Pro & World Champion and 2002 Pro Of The Year. You can bet if Warwick was going to put his name to this grip there’s going to be something special about it.

    ATi Warlock grips

    ATi’s marketing for the Warlock grip says ‘It’s manufactured using 2Ply technology, has a high percentage of grip-to-hand contact and an EDM finish on the contact surface for a non-slip grip’. What this translates to is quite simple. 2 ply means there are two different compounds used to manufacture the grip, a harder more durable base which includes the bar end and a softer compound for a better and more comfortable grip. If you are wondering why this is so different to ATi’s other grips you may have noticed that Warwick races without gloves a lot of the time. They are perfect for riding without gloves and just as good with.

    My first impression while pulling the grips out of their packaging was that they looked thin, in fact I started to think they would be too thin. Once installed the diameter expanded, which is probably due to ATi’s 2-ply technology giving the grip a smaller core diameter allowing for a tighter fit. The instructions say don’t use lubricants, hair spray or solvents, so it might be a good idea to grab some of the ATi Grip Glue or spray adhesive while purchasing the grips.

    Being a 2-ply grip I thought the surface would be overly soft and sticky, but found that it was actually very comfortable The grips come with built in bar ends, but after a lot of use and a few heavy crashes you may want to install some plugs. After battling to get my old grips off, my hands were quite raw and I wasn’t too keen to ride too soon (the quickest and easiest way to get your old grips off is to just cut them, but be careful not to cut yourself). I sucked it up and found that even with sore hands the grips were comfortable but still firm at the same time.

    The Warlock grips are available in black/black, red/black, blue/black and grey/black colour combinations.

    Throughout the review period I had no problem with the grips twisting. If you want a comfortable grip that lasts I highly recommend ATi’s WARLOCK Grip.

    Rating 18/20:

    Value for money:5/5


    • With the Warlock grip you know you’re getting a great product at a greater price.
    • Compared to Lock-on grips these are a little lighter and stick just as well.
    • The 2-ply technology works a treat and your grips aren’t going anywhere.
    • I reviewed a black pair of grips but the design looks cool and works well to give you a comfortable non-slip surface.

    For more information about ATi and their product range check out

    Review by’s AA Pro Jonathan “Jon Jon” Hoare (7 May 2004)

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