ATi Schwartz Grips

    The ATI Schwartz grip is a simple looking but functional grip, used by three of today’s top pros, Greg Romero, Randy Stumpfhauser, and Jason Richardson.

    To install the Schwartz is a difficult process. They feature a smaller core diameter, which will make for a tighter fit on any handlebar. The advantage to this is a non slipping grip under all weather conditions. To install my grips I used an air-compressor which made short work of this unenviable task. ATI does not recommend the use of lubricants, hair spray or solvents for installation. They do however offer a grip glue to assist you in this department.

    Once installed the grips felt thick and narrow, which was fine, however I prefer a long grip. I found that the grips were easily stretched by applying a small outward force to each end of the grip. This can be achieved due to the dual ply construction (the inner stretches while the outer remains the same).

    Under use the grips feel very solid and take a little while to wear in. Once worn in they become a lot more user friendly. These long lasting grips are good value and feature a built in plug which should keep you out of trouble. The Schwartz grip come in the same range of colours as the Jacksons (black/red, blue/black, gray/black, and black) as seen above.

    Check out the full ATi range on their website

    Review by Luke Chmielewski (Team Ultra – AA Pro) 29/02/2000

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