Maxima SC1

    I think I have just made the greatest discovery since…well the BMX bike.

    A few weeks ago I was chilling out at a mates place, it was the night before a race meeting we were sitting around eating and I had this incredible itch to start tinkering with my bike…tinkering lead to cleaning and that’s when my world changed. Stewie is a keen motocross rider and had this product he wanted to show off. At the time I didn’t pay any attention to the name, just the amazing bubblegum smell, and from the minute he cracked it open it was just referred to as the bubblegum spray.

    Maxima SC1 new bike in a canStewie showed off it’s amazing properties to make an already clean bike shine like brand spankin’ new. I was mesmerized and helped myself to the smallest amount to give my chromed race bike a perfect mirror shine. It was the discovery of a lifetime, or at least the weekend where we were spreading the word of the magical bubblegum spray like a hoard of newly enlisted born again Christians.

    Until that point I just cleaned my bike with car care products and was never really happy with the streaky finish or how long it took. I am very bike proud, as are many BMXers, and Maxima SC1 has changed the way I look at my bikes and parts.

    A few weeks had passed and I finally had my own can of the stuff and went crazy. First of all cleaning up an old school CW ZXL frame that hadn’t seen the light of day in what looked like decades. It had a nice thick film off grime hiding the once beautiful chrome finish. After a quick wipe down and a bit of a drowning in SC1, then waiting the prescribed 30 seconds before wiping it down again, it came up far better than I ever expected. Sure it needs a little extra elbow grease to get it perfect, but it made a massive difference.

    After seeing what a brilliant job it did with that I wanted to see what it would do to one of my retired race bikes that I still ride regularly. When I first bought it it had an amazing gloss black finish, but overtime it got that matt/sand blasted look and it really looked second hand. Especially underneath the down tube of the front triangle and around the bottom bracket area. A good clean and a spray with the SC1 literally brought it back to life, aside from a few scratches and needing a new sticker kit it would pass for a new bike.

    I don’t know if I was excited by the amazing difference the SC1 makes or I was just high on that sweet bubblegum scent but I couldn’t stop there. My regular race ride had some dust on it and just had to be cleaned again. So my chrome race machine now has a blinding shine that I have never been able to match in over 30 years of BMX racing.

    SC1 is a high gloss clear coat, not actually a cleaning product, specially formulated for the power sports industry… I know power sports, but hey, BMXers need clean equipment too and this stuff is amazing. What I like about it is it’s silicone based which means it’s water resistant and mud and dirt are less likely to stick to it.


    • Fresh Clean Scent
    • Restores factory shine and color
    • Leaves a dry, long lasting luster

    SC1 is marketed as a “new bike in a can”, it’s certainly that, but a whole lot more. It will keep you stuff looking great and most importantly looking new longer, so you won’t have to upgrade when your ride starts looking tired, you’ll have to find a different excuse.


    Value for money:5/5


    • Nothing will make your bike look better, great value for money
    • Very easy to use and the shine really lasts

    Maxima is Distributed in Australia by Steve Cramer Products ( For more information about Maxima products check out

    Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ June 8, 2012

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