Supercross Bar Caps

To me protecting my body and my investment (my bike) are paramount. One of the most dangerous parts of your bike can be an exposed handlebar. It only takes a crash to tear the end off some grips and then you have the end of your handle bar exposed. It doesn’t happen with lock-on grips because they come with bar plugs.

Supercross Bar CapsBar plugs are tightened by spreading a wedge on the inside of your bars, this can lead to your bars splitting along the seam, an extreme case, sure, but it has been known to happen. The Supercross bar caps will avoid that issue altogether.

As the name implies, they are a cap, which just cups the end of the bar and is secured by 2 allen screws, or grub screws as they are often called.

The bar caps are better suited to work with lock-on grips. The only downside I found was they are fairly wide, around 5-6mm each side. If you have your bars at a perfect width this will change your stance slightly. This happens because, being a cap, they need to provide enough room for the allen screws to grip on to the outside of the bars.

They are available in a variety of colours.


Value for money:5/5


  • I wouldn’t ride a bike without bar caps/bar ends, it can only lead to tears.
  • You won’t even notice the weight of these things.
  • Stay on nice and tight so you can be sure they will be there when you need them and they put some bling into your bike. It’s all good.
  • Very basic, but also very clean and awesome colours!

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Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ September 14 2007.

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