Supercross P24 cruiser handlebars

Supercross P24 Cruiser BarsUSA based company Supercross BMX have been running since 1989 and have not only been innovative in design but have come up with many high quality products that push the weight boundries without losing strength. It was their heat treated cromo forks that showed the world that you can have some of the lightest forks available right now that are still made from cromo and less than half the price of the popular carbon options.

Having used the Straight 8 Pro Bar I was keen to see how it translates to the P24 bars, which are also referred to as the 6″ Pro Cruiser bars.

SX have applied the same production techniques to their range of pro handlebars. Heat treated 4130 cromo has become a standard in BMX these days, but it was Supercross who took the lead in the early days, they developed a special formula in their post weld heat treat process and left the others playing catch up.

What does this mean to the purchaser? It means you have a very worthy cantidate if you are in the market for some new handlebars.

Supercross6" Pro Cruiser BarsThe SX P24 can take the day to day punishment of BMX like any other. It can match it with any one in quality, in a slick finish with the welds and beautiful paint job, strength and reliability.

As we all know the bends are important to people, the handlebar could be the best on the market but if it doesn’t feel right… if it doesn’t feel comfortable then it’s not going to make a lick of difference. The P24 cruiser bars have the same up sweep and back sweep as theSX Straight 8 bars, which also isn’t too different to S&M…the number 1 selling handlebar on the market at the moment. This makes it a lot easier to jump between 20″ and 24″ bikes and still have the same feel on the track.

Pro Bar Specs are as follows:
6″ Pro (P24) Cruiser – 6″” Rise, 28″ Width, 11 Back and 3 up
Pro Cruiser – 5″ Rise, 28″ Width, 11 Back and 3 up
Sammy Cools Bar – 7.25″ Rise, 26″ Width, 12 Back and 3 up

Straight 8 Pro Bar – 7.75″ Rise, 28″ Width, 11 Back and 3 up
Lo Pro – 7.25″ Rise, 26″ Width, 11 Back and 3 up

Available in Black or White only.

I like the SX P24 bars, they look great, feel great are very stiff and very strong.

Rating 20/20:

Value for money:5/5


  • Lightweight and strong, worth paying a few extra dollars for
  • I haven’t seen a lighter 6″ rise cruiser bar anywhere else
  • Stiff, strong, light, you couldn’t ask for much more
  • There’s nothing I don’t like about the way these bars look

For more information check out www.supercrossbmx.com

Reviewed by Shane Jenkins 17 October 2008

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