ECITV – 100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 40 “Beautiful World”

    ECITV Episode 40 goes live on YouTube and Facebook on Sunday 30 May 2021at 11:00am AEST. We decided to run it early this week for our friends in lockdown. Of course you can watch it any time afterwards at your own leisure.

    Ryan Whitling joins us for the jam packed 40th episode of ECITV. We talk about the S&M for sale article, new gate at Ballarat BMX Club and mini wheelers gate at Northern BMX Club, the 6x Tee from Supercross BMX, CTD’s call for new team riders, and the ECIBMX road trip. We also chat about the Redbull world championships qualifier, Round 3 & 4 of the Supercross World Cup at Bogota and AusCycling National Cup kick off. And we finish off with a show and tell from Gary with the return of Aqua Profile Mini Hubs, Dotek cranks and Tektro V-brakes.



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