Scot Breithaupt: Old School BMX Gallery

Scot BreithauptScot Breithaupt is the undisputed founding father of BMX. He was responsible for running the first ‘Official’ BMX race in California way back in 1970. He’s also the founder of the legendary, long time BMX manufacturer, SE Racing. Dubbed “The OM of BMX” in his racing days…even in the late 90’s SE still had a cruiser named after him, the “OM Flyer”. He is an ABA Hall of Famer, a living legend.

Below are captions and photos supplied by Scot Breithaupt (Posted: 11 August 2003). Click the “thumbs” to see larger images.

Part 4: Old-school BMX Photo Gallery

Part 1: How did BMX begin
Part 2: The History of SE Racing
Part 3: About the OM
Part 4: The old-school photo gallery

Some Scot/SE links

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