Gary’s COVID-19 Isolation Kit

    On ECITV’s Episode 2, when Shane and Gary from ECI Imports were discussing Coronavirus, Gary mentioned a number of BMX training DVDs and a book to study during the lock down.

    As things have progressed his suggestions to ride out the Coronavirus are more achievable than Shane’s, who suggested to go for a ride. Lock downs around the world have put a stop to that for many BMXers.

    So, in case you missed it here’s the list of DVDs and books.

    • Faster First Straights (Review)
    • BMX Killer Speed
    • BMX Race Day
    • BMX Sprinting Secrets
    • Pro-BMX Skills Book (Review)

    Gary announced today that he is still operating in a non-contact approach, which means you should be able to get your book and DVDs, but act fast, restrictions are rapidly getting tighter.

    Available now through all good bike shops and at

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