BMX race news November 2005

    30/11 Victorian Titles report (Part 3)

    by Shane Jenkins
    There were too many amateur classes at the Victorian titles to give you a run down on all of them, so these are more like personal highlights.
    12 Boys
    I have spent a bit of time with Brandan Bullows, especially over the past month. He and his father, Jamie, have been helping me with the backyard track. For his age class he may not be the quickest rider, but he is without a doubt the most skilled. Brandan had a heavy fall in his cruiser final and had to be carried off on a stretcher, but made his way back to the start hill for his age class final. When the gate dropped he was stuck at the back of the field, but managed to work his way to mid-field by the first corner. Thomas Rowe exited the first corner with a narrow lead over Jamie Mahuika with Luke Vandenberg a couple of lengths back in third. Brandan was a long way back, probably another there of four lengths behind Luke, in fourth but wasn’t about to give up, he had his sights on making the podium. He started to gain on Luke around the track and by the last corner was in striking distance, but then Rowe and Mahuika got tangled up and crashed. Bullows put his head down and raced to the line to take a narrow win.
    17 Boys
    Adam Carey was sharing his time between age class and A Pro and trying to do just enough to stay ahead of Geoff Tripovich by points in the 17 Boys class. There were only 5 riders in the class which also included Tasmania’s Jeremy Patterson. Carey had the horse power down the first straight and would take it easy on the corners where Tripovich would make up ground. Tripovich tried a couple of cheap shots throughout the weekend, but Carey’s strength, size and determination proved to be too much. Patterson would have to settle for third.
    19-24 Men
    Adam Robb had won his fair share of state titles throughout his racing career, and since taking over TotalBMX he hasn’t been spending a great deal of time on his bike. It was surprising to see him getting amongst it with the younger riders in the class. By the time the finals came around Robb was the top qualifier, but Shane Claassen would have to have been the favourite. Ermin Deumic was a surprise for many people, it was his first state title, but he’s been racing in the A Pro class for a few months now and has been improving gradually. Ermin still competes in dirt jumping so has plenty of skill and races on his dirt jump bike. When the gate dropped in the main Claassen jumped to the lead with Robb all over him on the inside of the track and Ermin on the outside. When they entered the first corner though Grant Cara made a move that caused a little tangle which included Ermin, but allowed Claassen and Robb to break away. Ermin had to work for it but managed to push his way back into third. Robb set off to chase Claassen down and just nearly did it too on the last straight, but had to settle for second.
    30-34 Men
    Jamie Bullows clean sweeped his motos setting himself up as the clear favourite for the win in the main. Dean Coles was looking the goods for a second place, but was clearly psyched coming off a big upset win in the 30-34 cruiser class. But with former national champions, David Cleary and Trevor Weber, in the mix anything could happen. And let’s not forget the ever improving Andrew Dennis and there’s also Damien Walczuk who can really turn it on when he wants to. When the gate dropped in the main Coles jumped out first and took control of the track right from the get go. Bullows and Dennis were on his tail and in pursuit, but couldn’t do anything to reel in Coles. Bullows moved into second and looked like he was going to make his move on the last half of the track, but Coles was just too far out in front.
    35-39 Men
    One of the most entertaining classes at the Vic titles was the battle between 2 times Australian Champion Brian “Jock” Kelly and reigning state champion Craig “Wally” Walczuk. This class had only 3 riders but racing was neck and neck the whole way to the line for each moto. Even though Wally won 5 of the 6 match ups it could just have easily gone the other way. The racing was so close you could have thrown a blanket over these two, and while the pressure was on, both riders managed to find time to style it up for the crowd.

    The 2005 Victorian State Championships certainly had an atmosphere that has been lacking for many years. The racing ran like clockwork, which goes to show that BMX Victoria have really put in a lot of hard work to make the event such a success. To the organisers, congratulations on a fine job, I hope you are able to keep the team together for next year. For the first time in quite a while the titles even had a major sponsor, ABD, which was hard to miss with signs posted all over the track and the display with the ’06 race line of complete bikes under the TotalBMX tent.

    30/11 TeamWBR – 2005 Victorian State Championships. Portland, Victoria – Nov 27-28.

    TeamWBR press release
    Portland BMX club was the host of the 2005 Victorian BMX Championships this past weekend. The Portland Club had done a top job in providing great facilities and a competitive track. The track would be best described as a fast, flat, nearly 80’s style track with fast modern corners. The weather forecast didn’t look great for the event with showers and possible thunderstorms predicted, while it did shower throughout the weekend, the track remained in good condition. One thing that stood out the most was the great ATMOSPHERE which is seeing BMX lifting to a new level of excitement due to the announcement of BMX in the 2008 Olympic games.

    Here is how the TeamWBR riders of Victoria finished up.

    Michael Chasteauneuf once again dominated his age class by winning every moto in the 14 boys and 13-14 Cruiser class. In the main event he continued his winning streak by leading the pack from start to finish. Michael is extremely happy with his double victory on the weekend and looks forward to the new National Champbikx Series in 2006 starting in Queensland Jan 2nd.

    Brandon Bullows was very excited when he received his new team race gear and it also showed on the track. Brandon was being conservative and watching his competition in the motos by placing 2nds and 3rds. Come main event time he used all his strategies and his reserved energy to take over the lead in the main and win the 12 year Boys State Championship Title. Brandon was extremely excited as he has improved his State ranking by 2 positions from last year. Brandon looks forward to a great 2006 season with TeamWBR and has his sights set on the National Championship Title in Adelaide next year.

    Declan Hepburn
    is our youngest rider on the team at the age of 6 years. Declan races in the Sprocket events which is catered for all riders under the age of 8 year of age. This encourages the younger riders to compete for fun and every one goes home with a prize for finishing. Declan loves riding his bike and hopes one day to follow the footsteps of his team mates of TeamWBR and be a champion just like them.

    TeamWBR will be at the Brinda Bella Challenge this weekend in Canberra December 4th with their new decked out VW Transporter Race Support Vehicle by JBL Audio and Strathfield car stereo’s. Come by and check it out as Team Riders will be handing out free stickers and posters.

    TeamWBR is proudly supported by: Percentage Designs, One Ring, Volkswagen Australia, Hogs Breath Cafe, Velocity Wheels, Investco Merchant Bankers, JBL Audio, Strathfield car radio, ATI, Hayes Brakes, Fox Shox, IRC, Cane Creek, BSC, QuikShade, Bell Helmets, Truvativ chain guide, Funn, Nike Cycling, Shimano, Sockguy and

    30/11 Photos: Victorian Titles

    For the first time in a while we managed to get a whole bunch of racing photos. Sorry the remainder of the report will have to wait.
    Click here to check out the photos from the Victorian BMX State Championships.

    29/11 Victorian Titles report (Part 2)

    by Shane Jenkins
    The A Pro class was full of hotshots but there were a couple of big surprises. Nick Brooks from Mount Gambier normally makes the A Pro main, a couple of crashes in the early qualifying rounds kept him out of the running. Tom Siinmaa was a rider I didn’t expect much from, a couple of months ago he would have been an “also run” in the class, but has gradually been getting quicker, he did well to make the main. Trevor Stamford, the oldest guy in the field pushing towards the 40 year mark, had a slow start on day 1 but put a couple of second place finishes together to make the cut.
    In the main I had Nathan Evans picked as the favourite and Adam Carey as an outsider if he got the snap. But when the gate dropped it was all Evans from lane 1. Ash Mc Cutcheon was following closely in the middle of the track until he messed up on the step up before the first corner. Trevor Stamford got a nice run on the outside and avoided Mc Cutcheon slotting into second, he did well to hold it, but started to run out of legs towards the last half of the track letting Josh Callan slip into second. In the last corner he got all hooked up with another rider, I think it might have been Connor Hunter, and hit the dirt. Tom Siinmaa took advantage of the tangle and slotted into the third, a nice little result for Tom, I expect that we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. In both the A and AA Cruiser there were 6 riders, so the riders were playing the points game. It became a game of skittles right from the start but progressively got worse as we got to the business end of the weekend. Connor Hunter took the A Cruiser win over Josh Callan in second, Aaron Jeffree took third, Grant Carra fourth. Ziggy Callan did well finishing 5th looking a threat right to the line picking up a couple of thirds on the way. Simon Anderson looked to have the AA Cruiser title wrapped up but then Luke Pretlove took the win in the final round and took the title. Anderson settled for second, Levi Collins finished third, Shaun Craven fourth, Shannon Rademaker fifth and Leigh Huitema in sixth. For me it was my 23rd consecutive Victorian state championships, my first was back in 1983 when there was about 60 riders in the 13 boys class, times have certainly changed. Every once in a while you find yourself just going through the motions, and wonder why you keep going back, but this year was a track that would level the playing field a little more in my favour, it was a year that I wanted to do well in the A Pro classes. I had a goal at top 3 in A cruiser and to make the main in A Pro. I knew it would be tough, but what the heck, you need to aim for something right? After pulling a 4th and a 3rd in the A Pro cruiser I was on target for third with my gates improving each time, it was going to be tough though, Aaron Jeffree wouldn’t want to be beaten by some guy twice his age, it wouldn’t sit well with his peers. I also managed a third in my first A Pro moto. It all went horribly wrong in the second though. I got a bad start from the outside of the track, but was still up with them, so hung wide on the first corner dived under the rest of the field as they bunched up and I popped out in about third or fourth. I got tangled with someone going into the 6 pack but pushed through that, half a second later I was on the ground sliding along on my head and elbow. I remembered I was on my back wheel when I got hooked on Tassie’s Jeremy Patterson, he fell to the left and I started to fall with him, but he managed to save it, I didn’t. So I got up and rolled to the line. I thought I’d check my elbow since it felt like I had a bit of gravel rash, only to find that I had put a nice hole in it. I was off to hospital for some stitches and off the bike for the rest of the weekend. Thanks to Di Lacey for looking after my gear while I was gone, to Cindy Suridge for driving me to the hospital and John Robb from TotalBMX for lending Cindy the car. Round up of the amateur classes tomorrow. In the meantime click here for the full 2005 Victorian State titles results.

    29/11 Victorian State Titles

    by David Price
    On the weekend I travelled down to the State Titles at Portland and what a Meeting it was the track was fast and super smooth corners the jumps made a lot of riders think and the standard of racing was 1st class. The Portland Club had done a top job in catering there was plenty of toilets and a good warmup area for riders.
    The one thing that stood out for me was the 1st time in a long while was the great ATMOSPHERE which has been missing at a lot of race meetings whether it was from the interstate riders or not but it lifted the Titles to another level I’m sure.
    Who could not forget the buzz around the tents when the A and AA Pro riders were on the gate it seen the crowd lick there lips in excitement and the Pros really turned it on for everyone.
    The finals where incredible with age class riders pushing themselves to the limit and thrills and  spills becme the order for the finals also John Sturzaker and his fellow comentators pumped up the  crowd into a frenzy.
    The A Pro final was a classic with the riders giving there all and when the dust had settled Nathan Evans was the N01 rider for 2005 but this is only the start of a great A pro class that has seen it grow into a top competive class.
    The AA Pro final seen one of the best finals ever with crashes all over the track and it lived up to a classic final.Sure there was controversy but that was what we were there for the crowd loved every minute of it and at the end of the day BMX was the winner. Congratulations to Shaun Craven No1 bad luck Harvey who had a sensational year but believe me the fun is about to begin with a group of AA riders in this class mixed with A Pro,s this is just what Victoria needs to bring out the Best in everyone we need all these riders racing hard to bring us up to the Interstaters for to long we have had only one consistant rider challenging the other States in Harvey now we have a group of riders in Price, Jon-Jon, Craven, Stocks, Collins, Harvey, Anderson, Evans, Mc Cutcheon, Claassen and all the other riders ready to take the next step. I believe Portland had set the standard for Victorian Titles this year. A top job from BMX Victoria officials who have copped plenty of sprays over the years but they did a top job. Now the challenge goes to Knox to keep the standard up but knowing Cameron Murray and the Knox club members they will rise to the Challenge.

    29/11 Extreme Racing – Hyper news

    Australia’s Extreme Racing – Hyper press release
    Extreme Racing – Hyper rider Rachel Bracken has been recognised as one of the rising stars of sport at the Queensland Women’s Sport Rising Star Awards held in Brisbane. Rachel was one of 15 athletes to receive the award presented by the Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie. Rachel received a bursary of $1500 that she is able to use towards the costs of travel and training. BMX QLD flew Rachel to Brisbane to accept her award at the awards dinner and she was accompanied by Barry Knight and Cheryl Vince from BMX QLD. Everyone at Extreme Racing – Hyper would like to congratulate Rachel on this great accomplishment and thanks to BMX QLD for promoting the girls at an award of this type.
    We would like to thank team sponsors: Hyper Bicycles, SNAP BMX Products, Forest Lake Cycles, Endura Sports Nutrition, Adam at Sirius Bicycles, and all of the great team parents and riders for their ongoing support. Check out the team, news and photos at

    28/11 Victorian Titles report

    by Shane Jenkins
    The Victorian State Championships were on over the weekend at the sleepy
    town of Portland along the coast in Victoria’s far west. I had heard a
    lot about the Portland track over the past months, even to the point of
    concerns that it would be fit to hold a state titles event, but organisers
    seemed to overcome the problems. At first sight the track looked dull,
    very different to most current tracks. It would be best described as a
    fast, flat, nearly 80’s style track with fast modern corners. Some riders
    had problems with the gate since the angle changed from quite steep behind
    the gate to mellow afterward, but that’s BMX, people just have to learn
    to adjust to different tracks. The facilities were great, I believe the
    track has a lot of potential and hope the club remains strong enough to
    keep going well into the future. The weather forecast didn’t look great
    for the event with showers and possible thunderstorms predicted, while
    it did shower throughout the weekend, the track remained in good condition.
    12 months ago I openly said that I doubt that Tony Harvey would win the
    2005 Victorian Titles, that was based on the fact that he’s never done
    the three-peat in the Pro class ever before and that Victoria’s younger
    pros were getting faster. I nearly had to eat my words. Tony managed to
    dominate the motos putting himself a league above the others and looking
    a certain to win and he would deserve it.
    In the main Harvey got the jump on the field right from the get go. By
    the time he’d reached the last jump there was daylight between him and
    the rest of the field. But in the first corner, CARNAGE. It looked as
    if Harvey was riding a safe ride and slowed up a little too much, but
    the rest of the field just entered the corner too fast. Jonathan Hoare
    looked to make the first move but was too low and his wheels washed out
    on him, Ben Price was caught up with his Hoare’s bike. Then Luke Pretlove
    looked to get in front of Harvey but was going too fast for the exit of
    the corner, he too washed out, giving Harvey no where to go but into the
    back of him, allowing Shaun Craven a clean run to the line. Daniel Stocks
    and Simon Anderson followed. Anderson looked to make up a lot of ground
    down the second straight but ended up above Stocks in the next corner
    and was ran off the track.
    I think the top 4 finished up Craven, Stocks, Ben Price and then Anderson.
    At 16 years old Shaun Craven would have to be the youngest rider I remember
    to have ever won the Pro class at the Victorian State titles.
    Ziggy Callan took out the Pro women without too much trouble. She also
    got amongst it with the A Pro cruiser class, taking on some of the guys,
    while she didn’t make the podium she did finish getting a couple of third
    places and was all over the back wheels of the guys waiting for them to
    make a mistake.
    Nathan Evans won the A Pro…we’ll talk about that and more tomorrow.

    25/11 Old School Aussie BMX DVDs

    Bert Librio has sent us 2 lists of DVDs that he’s been putting together
    of races from around Australia from the Mid 80’s to the early 90’s. They
    contain mostly Pro men and women and open class, but there are some other
    classes, Bert should be able to help you out if you are looking for something
    specific. Bert tells us that legends such as Glenn Rawson and Howie Waye
    are amongst his first customers.
    If you are interested in checking out the DVDs, browse these lists:

    Then call Bert on 03 9873 1402 or 04112 050 776 to place your order.
    Single DVDs are $30 each + $5 postage, if you buy more than one discounts
    are available.

    25/11 Southern Queensland Zone Novice Training Clinic

    BMXSQ press release.
    Work Shop – Sunday, Dec 11th. Venue – Beenleigh BMX Track
    Invitations will be extended to the first 40 Novice riders that prepay
    and sign up by Dec 7th. Day camp workshop is designed to explain the training
    techniques and drills to prepare New Comers and Novice riders to compete
    in the up and coming 2006 Southern Zone DK Shoot Out series. Workshop
    will cover sprints, agility drills, strength and conditioning, plyometrics,
    bike skills and techniques, mental prep and diet. Lunch and drinks will
    be provided. Club coaches are welcome to come and observe but must register
    with the Southern Zone by mail. This is also to benefit all new coaches
    to fill in their coaching accreditation hours. Bring your forms to be
    For further information contact Errol from the Southern Zone: (07) 3812
    2494 or Wade at

    24/11 Review: ATi Orbit grips

    ATi have a couple of new 1-ply grips, the Orbit and the Pro-Spike.
    We’ve been playing around with the Orbits for the past few months. Click
    here to read the review

    23/11 ONE’s 2006 frame colors

    One Bicycles press release
    ONE introduces new frames for 2006.
    The 7005 T4/T6 heat treated aluminum frames are lighter than before. By
    using a new toptube and new dropouts the frame has even less flex then
    before. The new frame design and “lasered colors” will be
    available for XXL, XL, Pro and Pro Cruiser.

    Later this year there will also be a raw version. The painted version
    is available next month.

    ONE Bicycles’ BMX team is sponsored by: TROY LEE DESIGNS, BOMBSHELL,
    NIKE Timing and BMXPIX

    23/11 VSI Products Golden Ticket – ABA Grand National

    VSI press release
    This upcoming weekend, the ABA Grand Nationals will take place and some
    of the most anticipated and exciting racing action will take place on
    the track. VSI Products is proud to announce a contest that will be just
    as exciting as the race action.
    Selected riders who are signed up to compete at this weekend at the ABA
    Grands will have the chance to be involved in THE BIGGEST BMX Giveaway
    ever held at the Grands! Inside of the ABA Grands Goodie bags, you will
    find the VSI Golden Ticket.
    After filling out the ticket, come by and drop it off at the VSI/Intense
    BMX display and have a chance to win one of 40 prizes. From the most exciting
    complete BMX bike of 2006, the Intense Team Bike, valued at $1200, to
    your choice of any Intense BMX frame, SINZ Pro Wheels, Intense Tires,
    Vigor Helmets, and THE Pads and Number plates.
    This is VSI’s way of saying thanks to the racers, for VSI’s
    best year to date in BMX racing and to help make the “Greatest Race
    on Earth” even better for everyone who attends.
    Intense BMX, Intense Tire System. THE, Vigor Helmets, and SINZ are proud
    to be associated with the finest Bicycle dealers world wide. Intense BMX
    Products are a division of VSI Products. –

    22/11 Buy Joe Kid on a Sting-Ray now!

    I got a little excited about this DVD release, it’s something that I have
    been waiting to see for a long time. Come to think of it I am more excited
    to see this that I was to see Rad again on DVD.
    Anyways I placed a call to Custom Cycle Supply to check when the DVD will
    be available for distribution. They are taking pre-orders now and expect
    the first shipment mid December.
    I also checked to see if these are available for international purchasers,
    which they are, but Custom Cycle Supply will be getting hammered at that
    time of year with Christmas orders, so shipping would have to be by UPS.

    View the trailer

    “Joe Kid on a Sting-Ray” is now available at Custom Cycle Supply.

    Call now to order yours today, 800-645-2453!

    22/11 One Bicycles USA signs two new riders for 2006

    One Bicycles press release
    One Bicycles USA signs two new riders for 2006. We are proud to have Felicia
    Stancil,10 years,old form Lake Villa, IL. aboard for 2006.

    Felicia’s most recent accomplishment is winning the 2005 UCI World Championship
    Other titles are: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Illinois State Champion

    2004 ABA R.O.C. #1, N.A.G. #2
    2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 NBL National Champion
    2004, 2005 UCI WORLD CHAMPION
    In 2004 Felicia represented the United States in Europe with dominating
    fashion by becoming the World Champion. 2005 has been a magical season
    with clean sweep at the NBL and ABA nationals, a second consecutive double
    at the NBL Grands and a back-to-back UCI World #1.

    Also aboard for 2006 is Lauren Hines, Ladies Cruiser, from McDonough,
    GA. Laurens’s most recent accomplishments are winning NBL National #2
    title and Georgia State # 1 title, both in 2005.

    Look for these riders at up coming National BMX races.

    ONE Bicycles’ BMX team is sponsored by: TROY LEE DESIGNS, BOMBSHELL,
    NIKE Timing and BMXPIX

    22/11 Virginia BMX Continues at Lexington for December/January

    VABMX press release (
    VABMX (
    has procured the Blue Ridge BMX Facility for another Winter Season. This
    premier indoor facility is located West Central Virginia near the intersection
    of I 81 and I 64 at the Lexington Virginia Horse Center.

    Last Year the Blue Ridge Track hosted both a NBL Regional and NBL National
    in separate facilities. This year will be even better. VABMX will host
    the below schedule and invites everyone to participate. The current schedule
    is to host all sorts of events including a State Qualifier, Amateur Opens,
    BMX Clinic, Trophy Dashes, PitBike racing in addition to local races and
    numerous Scheduled Gate Practices.

    Newcomers to BMX are welcome! Rocket BMX, a Virginia NBL Team, has offered
    to provide free instruction for newcomers. Email
    for coordination.

    The State and Local Races will take place in the East Complex. The NBL
    National Race will be in the much larger and magnificent Andersen Coliseum
    Arena, which can be seen at the Horse Center Website

    This is a premier indoor facility and a prime opportunity to become involved
    in the sport of BMX. If already a veteran BMXer, this is where the competition
    will be in December and January. Hope to see you there!

    Visit the Blue Ridge BMX website at:
    Email Track Director Angela Kinchloe
    for more information on Blue Ridge BMX.

    Blue Ridge Indoor Schedule
    December 3rd – VA State Qualifier
    Clinic Registration 10:30 am
    Rocket BMX ($5) Clinic 11 am – 12 noon
    Practice & Registration 12 – 2 pm
    Race starts at 3 pm
    December 4th – 2 races Sponsored by Hampton Supertrack
    Practice & registration 9 – 10 am
    Race at 11 am, 2nd race starts 30 minutes after last moto
    December 10th – 2 races Sponsored by NOVA BMX
    December 11th – Gate Practice
    December 17th – 2 races Sponsored by Richmond BMX
    December 18th – Gate Practice
    January 7th – 2 races Sponsored by Winchester BMX
    January 8th – Gate Practice
    Saturday practice & registration 11 – 12:30 pm
    Race at 1pm
    2nd race starts 30 minutes after last moto
    Sunday gate practice times are 10am – 1pm
    State Race $15
    Local Race $10
    Gate Practice $5

    What: Rocket BMX will be hosting a BMX clinic, Clinic will be
    for Skill Levels from Beginner to Expert.
    When: December 3, 2005 – Registration 10:30 am
    Where: Blue Ridge BMX (Lexington, VA) East Complex.
    Cost: $5 (Yes, it is only $5 and not a typo)
    Clinic Registration 10:30 – 11 am
    Clinic runs 11 am to 12 pm
    Practice & Race Registration 12 – 2 pm
    Race starts at 3 pm (This is Virginia State Qualifier #1 for the 2006
    Proceeds: Will fund the clinic and remaining proceeds will go
    to VABMX (State) Fund.
    Newcomers: Rocket BMX will provide some individualized instruction
    for newcomers. Email
    or see Angela Kinchloe, Track Director for coordination.

    Blue Ridge Indoor 16 & over Amateur Open Wheel Series
    December 4, 2005 thru January 7, 2006
    Riders must be at least 16 years of age
    Per NBL rule riders must compete in class also
    $10.00 Open fee per rider per race
    You must compete in 6 of the 8 Open races to qualify for Series final
    Your 6 best Open points will be used to determine Series ranking.
    The final Open will be run after the last local race on January 7, 2006
    $5 from each Open entry fee will be put into the final Series pay-out
    $2 from each Open entry fee will be use for daily pay-outs
    Race Dates: There are 2 races per weekend, December 4, 10, 17 and January
    7 (also the Bob Warnicke and Double Points races)

    21/11 Total BSX update

    by Shane Jenkins BSX organiser
    The Total BSX one-on-one pro challenge event is coming along nicely.

    Raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital
    I probably should be saving this news for official press releases
    but I am very excited to announce that ManageSoft – The Software Management
    Company have pledged a total of $US1500 to be donated directly to the
    Royal Children’s Hospital. It was something that we found both unexpected
    and exciting, ManageSoft will also be donating some staff from their Melbourne
    office to help out on the day.
    We will also be receiving help from Torque, a new sports drink
    to the Australian market, they will be proving product which will be sold
    on the day, of which all the money made will go to the RCH.
    Both Corona Extra and Stella Artois have donated beer that will be raffled
    off at the end of the day with all money raised from the raffle going
    to the RCH. Representatives from Corona and Stella will be attending the
    Track update

    Brandan and Jamie Bullows spent the weekend helping me refine and pack
    some of the track that didn’t get a lot of work when we had our working
    bee earlier in the month. Thanks guys. I have to say Brandan has the track
    dialled, I have never seen a 12 year old with so much skill. That’s not
    to say the track is so easy that a 12 year old can ride it, far from it.
    Brandan is no ordinary 12 year old, he is a freak! What it does mean is
    that it will take more jumping skill than power to win a race on the track.
    Someone we really need to thank for their huge support, dirt and bobcat
    work are Kadarina Berries of Kinglake, they plan to be at the event selling
    healthy berry products.

    For more information about the Total BSX event visit

    Total BSX is supported by TotalBMX (,
    ManageSoft (,
    Dirt Designs,, Safe and Sound, BMXTronic, One Bicycles,
    Torque sports drink, Corona Extra, Stella Artois, Kadarina Berries, and

    21/11 A/AA here to stay in Aus

    We have heard that the BMX Australia Officiating Conference decision
    to abolish AA/A was overturned last week during a national phone hook-up.
    The result means that AA/A is retained. However we believe there will
    be some changes to the procedures.
    From what we hear the decision was to help develop riders in the 13-15
    year old bracket for the 2012 Olympics. You will hear more about what
    BMX has planned for these riders when the programs have been finalised.

    21/11 Manuel Lopez 2005 Elite Men National Champion in Argentina

    One Bicycles press release
    The last rounds of the Argentinian National Championship in the Rio IV
    city in the center of the country in Cordoba State.

    Manuel won the first round of the weekend and took 2nd in the last round.

    This is his 1st National Title in Elite Men, but his 14th National title

    Argentina’s National Championship 2005 final positions

    1 Manuel LOPEZ ONE WORLD TEAM Lomas
    2 Federico POLO Maxxis Team Cordoba
    3 Fabricio MATURANO La Rioja
    4 Rodolfo STIPANICIC RPM Team La Rioja
    5 Sebastian ILARRI Buenos Aires
    6 Carlos Brambilla Santa Fe
    7 Jonatan Bustos La Rioja
    8 Ezequiel Carames Carames BMX Team Lomas

    Since 1996 Manuel won 8 UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP titles, 4 Latinoamerican
    Continental Championships, 3 Pacific Continental titles, 4 time UCI World
    ViceChamp, plus a ABA WORLD Championship title (11 BOYS expert).

    ONE Bicycles’ BMX team is sponsored by: TROY LEE DESIGNS, BOMBSHELL,
    NIKE Timing and BMXPIX

    21/11 Team Staats/Dickies NZ news

    Team Staats/Dickies press release
    Team Staats/Dickies followed up its strong start to the new season at
    last month’s North Island Titles with an improved team performance
    at the 2nd round of the Daliston Team Trophy event in Tauranga (New Zealand).

    The Tauranga track is scenically located on a reserve that backs onto
    the Tauranga Harbour. And while the views & a gentle sea breeze can
    be very pleasant the wind gusts coming off the harbour on the first day
    of racing were so strong that many riders had trouble balancing in the
    gate. In fact the winds were so powerful that the majority of motos on
    Saturday were nothing more than “pump races”!

    The track itself has undergone some changes of late & the second
    straight, which consisted of three large doubles in succession, proved
    difficult for even the most experienced riders. In fact the first double
    claimed world No 6, Marc Willers in the first Superclass main on Sunday.
    Marc, who was racing in flats, blew his gate & was flying to make
    up lost ground when he over-jumped the first double & slammed headfirst
    into the take-off of the second double. He was briefly knocked unconscious
    & then taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

    Fortunately For Marc there were no broken bones but his new Fox V3 helmet
    was not so lucky. It broke in 3 places (as it is designed to do) &
    if it were not for this helmet Marc would have come off a lot worse. Marc
    now has a replacement Fox V3 Helmet & will be winging his way to the
    USA shortly for the ABA Grands. Good luck Marc.

    Standout team performers from the weekend were Tim Ferguson (Elite men),
    Wyatt Clinch (14 Boys, 13-14 Cruiser, & Intermediate Superclass),
    & “Mr Consistent” Kane Barry (12 Boys & Junior Superclass).
    However for his solid performance in all of his three classes, including
    a 5th in Intermediate Superclass, the prize for the top team rider from
    the Tauranga round goes to Wyatt Clinch. Congratulations Wyatt keep up
    with the training.

    After round two of Daliston competition, Team Staats/Dickies sits in
    2nd place on the points table, just 20 points behind the table leaders,
    & 18 points clear of the 3rd placed team.

    The next Daliston race is on Feb 4 in Te Kuiti.

    18/11 Total BMX’s CRAZY SALE!!

    Total BMX press release
    State titles are just around the corner and so is xmas, so Total BMX are
    having a sale with some CRAZY prices!

    ProductWere NowQty in Stock
    Bombshell F1
    Pro Forks
    Bombshell F1
    Expert Forks
    Bombshell F1
    Mini Forks
    Profile Chain
    $84.95$65All sizes in
    HTI Clipless

    Plus, 15% off all 2006 Redline Race bikes, all Flight models are in

    6-8 William Street East
    Lilydale Vic. 3140
    2 lines: 03 9735 5077
    24 hour Fax:03 9735 5174

    17/11 Photos: Knox Thunderdome

    We didn’t get a lot of photos at the Thunderdome this year, but we
    are pretty happy with the photos we did get. Click here to check them out.

    16/11 Aussie A pro limit $2500?

    It was pointed out to us that the ruling in the UCI BMX Rule Book
    with Australian Procedures (Updated October 2005) that’s available on
    the BMX Australia website states that the A Pro limit is $2500. Does this
    mean that some of our A Pros moved up into AA too early? Does it mean
    that we will have less riders making the move to AA in the future? It
    may not make a difference depending on which way our representatives vote
    for the A/AA Pro changes but what do you think?

    15/11 Sponsorship Season is Now…

    Build your profile. Promote yourself. Connect with sponsors for

    SponsorHouse press release
    Oceanside, CA – SponsorHouse is proud to announce there are more
    than 75 companies currently accepting sponsorship applications on
    for bike right now. There are account options ranging from Free to premium
    services available to help all types of riders search for, and locate
    sponsorship deals for the ’06 season.

    “Now’s the time.” explains Todd Lentz of EVS Sports.
    “We stop accepting resumes at the end of the month. Submit your
    2006 sponsorship applications through SponsorHouse for immediate consideration.”

    Since launching back in 2001, has grown into the leading
    online sponsorship service helping to connect the talents of riders with
    the biggest companies in bike. “There are nearly 35 sponsors who
    review sponsorship applications all year on SponsorHouse, but the rest
    have specific timeframes for riders to contact them.” said Rich
    Houseman of SponsorHouse. “Even so, we will have a lot of new companies
    and features to announce just after the first of the year.”

    To view which companies you can connect with now, visit
    Companies interested in listing with SponsorHouse should call 888-874-3374.

    About SponsorHouse
    SponsorHouse is the largest sponsorship and marketing community for the
    motorsports, action sports, and active lifestyle industries. Today, there
    is a growing list of more than 30,000 athletes and teams and 400 companies
    on SponsorHouse.

    15/11 Victorian State Titles update

    BMX Victoria press release
    The Event Management Group of BMX Victoria is pleased to announce that
    Avanti Bicycles are the major industry sponsor for the 2005 Victorian
    BMX Championships.

    BMX Victoria Spokesman Graeme Anderson said “We are thrilled that
    Avanti have come on board through their well known Avanti BMX Development
    (ABD) program. Their support will assist us in making this year’s
    Championships one of the most successful in recent years”

    The other major event sponsor this year is

    • Glenelg Shire through their “Discovery Coast” promotion

    Other event sponsors this year are

    • Gavin D Andrew who is the Official Photographer for the event
    • Alexander C Stores the local Shell distributor in Portland
    • KFC Portland
    • Melaleuca Motel Portland

    Official Pro shops supporting the event with stands at the event

    • BMX Mad 116 Boronia Road Boronia
    • Total BMX 628 William St East. Lilydale

    BMX Victoria thanks all of these supporters for their assistance with
    the event.

    Rider numbers for the 2005 Victorian State Championships at Portland
    are up by more than 26% on last year.

    BMX Victoria Spokesman Graeme Anderson said “Entry fees for primary
    age classes where reduced by 30% from last year and secondary class entry
    fees where reduced by a massive 45%. This reduction has clearly helped
    as there was a fear that numbers may be down a bit because of the distance
    from Melbourne and the recent increase in fuel costs. Clearly the reduction
    in entry fees has helped and it is very pleasing that our aim of making
    the sport more affordable for all riders has been achieved.”

    Now that entries are finalised the final list of riders has been posted
    to the BMXV Web site
    all riders are urged to check their entries to ensure they are correct.

    14/11 BSX photos as promissed

    After a lot of hard work on the weekend the BSX track is pretty much
    done. I would like to thank Scott Bradley, Adam, Chris and Barb Carey,
    for giving up their whole weekend to help out. Also Jamie and Brandon
    Bullows for most of their weekend. Damien Callan, Shannon Rademaker and
    Glenn Suridge who also found some time to drop lend a hand. Without them
    the track would still be half done.
    The track is very technical and will certainly keep you on your toes the
    whole way around. It will be interesting to see our two finalists go head
    to head. More photos soon.
    Click on the image below for a closer look.

    Visit ror more information about
    the Total BSX event

    11/11 BSX track works this weekend

    We have been talking an awful lot about the Total BSX race and how
    it will raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital but haven’t been
    as forthcoming with photos of the track, and there is good reason for
    that, it has been far from finished. Today we will have two bobcats on
    the job moving dirt between Kadarina Berries and HQ so that
    it can be shaped over the weekend. The starting hill has to be big enough
    to host 2 starting gates and provide enough speed to boost
    the riders over the first jump with only enough room for the riders to
    get 2 pedals in.
    Photos will be available Monday.
    If you are in the Kinglake area over the weekend and looking for something
    to do email
    if you would like to help.
    To find out more about the Total BSX race visit
    Total BSX is supported by TotalBMX (,
    Dirt Designs,, Safe and Sound, BMXTronic, One Bicycles,
    Kadarina Berries and

    11/11 Benefit for #252 Dennis Dayrit

    Rocket BMX Press release
    #252 Lost but not Forgotten….

    On October 29, 2005, a Benefit was held to honor the life of NBL Rider
    and former World Champion, Dennis Dayrit. The benefit included a 45 rider
    BMX Clinic, Silent Auction, Raffle, and general Donations to aid the family.

    Dennis Dayrit, 13-year old expert IBMXF World Champion in 1985, and recently
    became very active racing in the NBL out of the Hampton, Virginia Area.
    Dennis, born in Roanoke, Virginia, passed last July 16 at his Virginia
    Beach home from natural causes at the young age of 33. The entire State
    of Virginia felt a huge shockwave of emotion and started pulling together
    to participate in the benefit.

    Rocket BMX, a local Virginia based NBL Team, conducted the 1-1/2 hour
    clinic the morning before the State Championship race utilizing some of
    their young leaders. Several blind donations were made and NOVA BMX, home
    of the Freedom National, donated the final $250 to bring the total raised
    to an even $1000 which will go to a Trust Fund for Katelyn Dayrit (Dennis’s
    Daughter). Several BMX oriented companies (SE, Standard, Str8 up) donated
    the raffle and auction items.

    A yearbook (donated by Little Back River Photography) with pictorial of
    Dennis’s racing career was passed throughout the state over the past few
    months and all that knew and loved Dennis were able to sign and leave
    their special thoughts. The yearbook along with 100% of the benefit proceeds
    were sent to the Dayrit Family. The total involvement of the entire Virginia
    BMX community was felt as Virginia united to make this a heartfelt and
    successful venture.

    Special thanks to Rich Stevenson, Hampton Supertrack, for his leadership
    in this program. Rich can be contacted for donations at

    Simply put…..

    this is BMX at it’s best.

    11/11 ONE Bicycles signs 3 year contract with SHIMANO

    One Bicycles press release
    ONE Bicycles’ World Trade Team is very proud and pleased to
    announce that they have signed a contract with SHIMANO for the next 3
    Nothing could replace the support from SHIMANO after the results we had
    this year.
    So it will be fantastic to use the best components available on the market
    towards the Olympics.
    For more information about One Bicycles visit

    10/11 Knox ‘dome report

    The Knox Thunderdome is Victoria’s largest race meeting, it’s a concern
    when it can only draw around a dozen interstate riders though, not quite
    the numbers from previous years. It’s obvious that Victoria as a state
    needs to do some work to encourage more interstate riders to make the
    effort to travel. It normally takes good prize money, good tracks and
    good competition to make someone want to travel. Well the prize money
    wasn’t too bad, the track was good but I am sure that people are getting
    a little bored with it since it’s been pretty much the same since they
    hosted the ’98 Australian Championships. And the competition? Well since
    most of the Victorian tracks aren’t as technical as they are in NSW and
    Qld Victorian riders tend to suffer, and riders from up north generally
    would prefer to stay up north. That said, there was a solid turn out of
    Victorian riders and the interstate riders that were there made there
    presence felt.
    Bike shop alley was looking good with pro shops from BMX Mad, TotalBMX
    and BMXXtreme on hand and showing off the latest products from FMF and
    TotalBMX had some of the new Kuwahara’s too.
    The Knox track was immaculate, and for once, it was a hot weekend with
    not a drop of rain in sight. On Saturday riders were treated to Australia’s
    first Vintage BMX gathering, with some of the finest old school and rare
    bikes ever made on display.
    The vet pro classes seem to be getting bigger and stronger with each of
    the riders also stepping it up a knotch or two.
    In the vet pro cruiser main Simon Anderson took the lead early with John
    Barford in a close second followed by Jamie Bullows, then Damien Callan
    and Craig Walczuk, which is how they crossed the line.
    In vet pro 20 inch, Anderson again took the lead early with Walczuk and
    Brian Kelly battling for second, Walczuk won that fight with a better
    run on the second corner. Jamie Bullows finished fourth just ahead of
    NSW rider Brad Goman.
    In the pro women’s class Ziggy Callan took the win with Caroline Sobotka
    in close second, but the real battle was for third between Joanne Kelly
    and South Australian Chantelle Dean, the final moto was the decider and
    Kelly finished up with the third overall.
    The A pro class was stacked. 3 gates of riders and 6 man semis. There
    were a bunch of guys there who could have taken it out including Nathan
    Evans, Ashley McCutcheon and Josh Callan. When it came ot the main NSW
    rider Chris Ferguson went down early. Nathan Evans took the early lead,
    but Josh Callan stole the show with a desperate undercut in the last corner
    washing off his speed but still taking the win on the line. South Australia’s
    Sam Willoughby had to fight all the way with Michael Chasteauneuf to take
    the third, Chasty finishing in fourth.
    In the AA pro class it was all Tony Harvey. In the main he got the snap
    and pulled away. Jonathan Hoare and Daniel Stocks were side by side and
    leading out the rest of the field but went wide on the first corner which
    allowed Shaun Craven to sneak through into second, Hoare slipped to third
    and Levi Collins moved up into fourth by the second corner, which is how
    they finished.
    Some suggestions for next year let’s split the pro’s into 2 seperate race
    days for the fans, and how fast would Knox be if you bowled out the first

    09/11 Knox Thunderdome results

    The Knox thunderdome was on over the weekend. Click here to see the full Thunderdome results.

    09/11 Haro Bikes Restructures Marketing Department, Adds Brand Managers

    Haro Bicycles press release
    Vista, CA
    – In effort to address the needs created by offering products
    in several different categories, each with its own unique set of target
    consumers, Haro Bikes has restructured its marketing department by adding
    Brand Managers who will be focused on shaping the image of individual
    product segments.

    “Consistent with Haro Bicycle Corporation’s multiple brand
    approach, we’ve restructured each brand and/or category around a
    single Brand Management philosophy”, says Joe Hawk, Haro’s
    Chief Operating Officer. “This provides for a more unique and individualized
    approach to marketing each category, and requires matching it with individuals
    who have expertise and creativity in that specific category”.

    Jill Hamilton, who has worked for Haro for nearly 5 years and has most
    recently served as Haro’s Marketing Manager, was appointed to the
    position of Mountain Bike Brand Manager. “I’m really excited
    to have the opportunity to lead and position our mountain bike line”,
    says Hamilton. “With the buzz surrounding the release of our Sonix
    VL120 trail bikes and the .357 Magnum downhill bikes, we’ve got
    some good momentum building. It’s going to be awesome to help take
    our entire mountain bike line to a whole new level”.

    Tony DeGollado, who has worked with Haro for the past 10 years in a variety
    of positions including Promotions Coordinator, BMX Team Manager, and BMX
    Athlete Consultant, returns to Haro as BMX Brand Manager after employment
    stints with No Fear Motocross, and most recently, Fox. “I’m thankful
    to be coming back home to Haro as the BMX Brand Manager. With the direction
    Joe Hawk is taking the company, I feel very confident in Haro as a brand
    and Haro as a home”, said DeGollado. “I’ll be part of a great
    team to ensure there is no lack of innovative products, bikes that meet
    next level standards, or the best athletes in the world representing the
    Haro Brand. With that said, there’s no doubt in my mind that good times
    lay ahead for us!”

    DeGollado and Hamilton join Tim Jackson, Brand Manager for Haro’s
    Masi road bike division, building their respective positions on the same
    success that Jackson has brought to the company’s road bike product
    segment. “This provides for a more unique and individualized approach
    to marketing each category, and requires matching it with individuals
    who have expertise and creativity in that specific category”, Hawk
    continues. “I’m extremely excited to have such talented individuals
    at our disposal today.”

    Haro is a recognized leader in providing innovative performance bikes,
    parts and accessories to the BMX, dirt, freestyle/street, and mountain
    bike markets. The company currently has over 1800 dealers throughout the
    United States and distributors in 48 countries worldwide. Bob Haro, who
    is known in the BMX industry as the “Father of Freestyle,”
    founded Haro Bikes in 1978.

    For more information, including recent company news and an online catalog,
    please visit

    09/11 BMXPIX Photos: European Indoor Championship

    BMXPIX press release
    BMXPIX has put the photos online from round 1 and 2 of the European
    Indoor Championship in Fredericia, Denmark.
    Check out the pics on

    08/11 Awesome European Indoor Championships

    One Bicycles press release
    Round 1 and 2 of the European Championship INDOOR were held in Fredericia,

    A great and incredibly fast track, a good show and great racing.

    In Junior Men Roy van den Berg was back in action on the international
    level and made both mains – 3rd in round1 and 6th in round 2 meaning
    he’s 3rd overall in the current standings.

    Edzus Treimanis (Latvia) made the main in round 2 and is now 6th overall.

    In Elote Women all the ONE girls were present in Denmark.

    Vilma Rimsaite (Lithuania) took 6th and 5th, Dagmara Polakova (Slovakia)
    took 6th in round 2 and Jana Horakova (Czech Republic) took 4th and 3rd.

    Aneta Hladikova (Czech Republic) was fast as ever taking 2nd place in
    bothe round 1 and 2.

    World Champion in Elite Women, Willy Kanis from the Netherlands is leading
    the Championship, followed by Aneta Hladikova, Jana is 4th, Vilma 5th
    and Dagmara 8th.

    In Elite Men Arturs Matisons (Latvia) was smoking the competition. He
    won both days. Rookie Maris Strombergs (Latvia) took 8th and 4th. Arturs
    is leading with Maris in 4th place.

    Next meeting: round 3 and 4, Geneva, Switzerland – December 3 and
    4, 2005

    ONE Bicycles’ BMX team is sponsored by: TROY LEE DESIGNS, BOMBSHELL, SHIMANO,
    NIKE Timing and BMXPIX

    08/11 Team Staats/Dickies Race Report – 2005 North Island Titles

    Staats/Sirius press release
    Team Staats/Dickies’ assault on the Daliston Team Trophy got
    off to a good start at the North Island Titles held at Papakura, in Auckland
    (New Zealand) over Labour Weekend (Oct 22 & 23).
    In spite of the wet weather & soggy track, the racing on Saturday
    was excellent, as this was the biggest race on NZ soil for some time.
    Elite riders from all over were in attendance, all eagerly chasing the
    UCI Oceanic region points on offer. Plenty of top amateur riders from
    Australia also made the trip across the Tasman (sea) & the Senior
    & Mighty 11’s test team racing was flat out nuts!
    On Sunday the weather cleared & the track hardened to make for some
    very fast & very exciting finals & Superclass (Pro) racing. This
    year’s Superclass field was the largest & best ever scene in

    The team’s results are as follows:
    Cory Martin 6th Mighty 11’s
    Kane Barry 2nd 12 Boys & 1st 11-12 CR
    Robert Blackham 20th Elite Men & 24th Superclass
    Scott Hosking 2nd Junior Men & 44th Superclass
    Tim Ferguson 14th Elite Men & 28th Superclass
    Wayne Pottow 3rd 15 Boys
    Wyatt Clinch 2nd 14 Boys & 1st 13-14 CR
    Adam Campbell 7th 30+ Men… & a totalled front wheel!

    This season a prize is awarded to the top team performer from each of
    the Daliston races. This proved to be actually very tough to pick, which
    can mean only one thing… they’re all damn good!
    However for doing something that not many have been able to do i.e. beat
    Trent Woodcock, World Champion 11-12 Cruiser the prize went to Kane Barry
    for an awesome ride in his Cruiser final.
    Congratulations Kane… “To the Victor go the spoils”.
    A special mention must also go to Wyatt Clinch, whom like Kane doubled
    in making both his 20” & Cruiser final.
    Team Staats/Dickies sponsors include; Dickies, Shift Racing, Spy Optic,
    Horleys, & DMT Shoes.

    07/11 BSX fanatical about the Royal Children’s Hospital press release
    Australian BMX fans will see a new flavour of racing as riders take each
    other on one on one at the Total BSX at Kinglake West (just under an hours
    drive North of Melbourne’s CBD) on Wednesday 18 January 2006. Short straights,
    tight corners, and a lot of jumps on the purpose built track will provide
    for a spectacular days racing from some of Australia’s most accomplished
    pro racers to raise money for the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital.
    Attractive Corporate Sponsorship packages are available. For further details
    on registering as a competitor or event passes contact Shane Jenkins at, or
    check out

    Total BSX is supported by TotalBMX (,
    Dirt Designs,, Safe and Sound, BMXTronic, One Bicycles

    07/11 Wyndham Warriors practice day

    Wyndham Warriors BMX Club press release
    The Wyndham Warriors BMX Club open practice day will be on Sunday November
    20th at Melways Ref 206 D3 (entrance off Derrimut Road Hoppers Crossing)
    This day will be part of “warming to the games” (Commonwealth
    games) activities at the reserve with lots of community activities to
    participate in or look at, this will help promote BMX in our area as well
    as our sport in general. As this is the weekend before the Victorian State
    Championships at Portland it will be a great chance for some quality practice
    before the event. Gate practice will be 11am – 2pm with a sausage sizzle
    and drinks available. ALL WELCOME.

    04/11 Thunderdome Update

    Knox BMX Club press release
    Gate Practice Tonight
    Just a reminder that there will be gate practice for Knox Thunderdome
    Gates will run from 6.30 til 8.00 pm. For a measly gold coin donation
    you will be able do as many gates as you can in an hour and a half. The
    canteen will be open.
    If you have been slack or otherwise indisposed and haven’t got your Thunderdome
    entry in yet don’t despair. Entries will be taken tonight at gates and
    up until 3.00pm tomorrow (Saturday) No entries will be taken after 3.00pm.
    Time Table
    Sign On 2.00pm – 4.00pm
    Gate Practice: 8s-14s 3.15pm-3.35pm, 15+ 3.35pm-3.55pm, Sprockets 3.55pm-4.10pm,
    AA/A and Vet 4.10 – 4.30pm
    Racing: 5.00pm (Racing under lights)
    Gate Practice: All age classes 8.00am-9.15am, A/AA and Vet 9.15am-9.30am
    Racing: 10.00am
    Vintage BMX Bike show
    If you used to ride or cart yourself and kids to BMX in the old days don’t
    forget to come and see the Vintage BMX Bike show in the Knox Club rooms.
    The display will be open all weekend.
    Car Park
    There is major construction happening to the carpark at Knox so we just
    ask everyone to be careful and patient when entering or exiting the Knox
    BMX Track.

    04/11 TotalBSX Update: Patroni Signs up

    Western Australian AA Female pro rider Kylie Patroni has joined
    the class field of pro women who will be at the TotalBSX event helping
    us raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. We need one more female
    rider to make it a field of 8, the track is a little technical so we need
    pro riders only.
    We are having a full scale working bee next weekend, Saturday November
    12 and Sunday November 13, we should have enough dirt to complete the
    track and a bobcat to help us finish it off. Already South Australian
    A Pro Scott Bradley and Victorian A Pro Adam Carey have already committed
    themselves for the whole weekend and AA Pro Shannon “Rudy” Rademaker
    will be joining us for one of the days. If you are able to help out email
    For all the latest on the TotalBSX race check out

    04/11 2006 Aussie BMX Freestyle Calendar

    by Chris Polack
    Just a quick one to say that the new 2006 bmx freestyle calendar is now
    readily available.
    It’s made from the same quality as the 2005 version only there is the
    added bonus of prize giveaways and selling for a lot cheaper.
    Opened up, the calendar measures out to be 300mmX300mm in size and is
    printed on hi-quality artboard paper. Riders featured are thirteen of
    Aus’ leading and recognised riders doing their thing along with bio on
    each rider.
    This year as a christmas giveaway you have the chance to go into the draw
    and win one of two $1000 prize giveaway made up of clothing, bike parts
    and shoes.
    The calendar is selling for $14.95 and is available at all good bike shops
    and newsagency’s!

    “2006 BMX CALENDAR OUT NOW!!!!” Ohhh the noise!!!!…make it

    04/11 Tuckerman is now Tuckerdad

    by Cameron Murray
    Just thought I would let you know that Victorian AA Pro Brock Tuckerman
    has become a dad over the weekend to a little girl called Dakota.

    03/11 Review: Undecided race pants

    Undecided are a new name to BMX in Australia, having hit the scene
    earlier this year and seem to be already making a large impact. We’ve
    had the opportunity to put their race pants through our life cycle testing
    and they came out with flying colours. Click
    here to read the review.

    02/11 UCI BMX NEWS

    UCI press release
    The 2006 UCI BMX International Calendar is posted on
    the UCI website. The international BMX calendar covers over 60
    events on 4 continents, with most events counting for valuable
    UCI ranking points. To view the complete calendar, please visit;

    The UCI World Continental Ranking has already kicked off on the
    southern hemisphere with a few races already into the series. The UCI
    will introduce a new results and rankings website in December 2005, meanwhile
    to view last year’s ranking, please visit;

    With the growing interest for women’s BMX racing, and to
    give the female athletes equal opportunities as the men, the UCI Management
    Committee have decided to introduce two World Championships cruiser categories
    for women. Elite Women Cruiser (19 years & older) & Junior Women
    Cruiser (17-18 years old) will be making its debut at the 2006 UCI BMX
    World Championships in Sao Paolo.
    Furthermore, the UCI has acknowledged the interest for master categories
    in the 20” category, and decided to replace Men 17 & Over with
    the following 20” classes; Men 17-24 years old, Men 25-29 years
    old and Men 30 & over.

    NEW RULES FOR 2006
    The 2005 UCI Rule book will published shortly, where all rules
    that have been modified or added can be viewed (marked in red). Please
    consult the UCI rule book on the website;

    As announced during the UCI BMX Convention, the venue for the
    2006 UCI BMX World Championships has been moved to Sao Paolo, Brazil.
    The World Championships will be held 28-30 July 2005, at the Mario Covas
    Olympic Park.
    Apart from introducing Women’s Elite & Junior Cruiser classes
    in the World Championships, the UCI is also introducing qualifying criteria’s
    for the 20” Elite classes (Elite Men, Elite Women, Junior Men, Junior
    Women), where rider’s must have scored UCI ranking points (minimum
    1 point) to be eligible to compete at the UCI BMX World Championships.

    The final round of the 2005 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup was
    successfully held in conjunction of the 5th stop of the Dew Action Sports
    Tour in San Jose, USA. The BMX Supercross World Cup was featured next
    to other action sports and was a great addition with the new BMX Supercross
    format. The event was broadcasted next day on NBC, and is considered the
    largest TV audience ever for a BMX racing event.
    In 2006, the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup will be held over 3
    rounds on several continents. The dates for the events have already
    been published on the UCI website, although the venues will be
    released shortly. To view the calendar, please visit;

    The UCI will continue with their successful High-Level training
    at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland. The inaugural 3-month
    training held in 2005, saw several athletes produce their best results
    ever, where the high-light was Sifiso Nhlapo (South Africa) becoming the
    UCI Junior Cruiser World Champion at the 2005 UCI BMX World Championships
    in Paris, France.
    In 2006, the UCI will invite 15 athletes for 4-month high-level training,
    starting in April 2006. National Federations will shortly receive information
    how to submit applicants. Individual riders shall contact their National
    Federation respectively.
    In addition to the 4-month high-level training, the UCI will also conduct
    one month training in September 2006 aimed for countries with less experienced

    02/11 A/AA Pro responses

    If you have missed the prior discussions about the A/AA pro rule
    in Australia, there is a proposal to remove A/AA and only run either 14&Over
    open and Elite/Junior Elite.
    Here are some more responses:
    by Warwick Wheeler – BMXPress Mag
    Under the current rules a club can choose to run the UCI elite
    system or A/AA System.
    Under the current rules a club that chooses to run the A/AA system has
    the option to run A/AA or open (A and AA combined).
    Only State titles and up have to run UCI Elite system to conform. Anything
    under this has a choice. Most clubs run lower ranked races anyway.
    What’s the problem?? Leave the system and rules alone. Let the clubs decide
    on these issues and what is best for their open races and let’s get onto
    more important things that deserve our time and effort than this!!!!
    Leave it alone. Enough already!!!

    by John Johnston – AA Pro/Elite
    I would love to say my piece on the potential rule changes to give another
    point to the argument on your site. You have been around for a long time
    as have I and standing back from the sport and looking at it from the
    outside in, I have noticed that a lot of BMX people think the same way
    and follow traditions and a certain few sport mentors and don’t asses
    the problems for themselves. Our sport is about to go through the biggest
    change that any sport would endure in a lifetime and we have done it in
    about ten years or so.
    The problem that I have with this is that the Olympics is something that
    people have chosen and I believe that the majority think it’s a good idea.
    Which means that the sport has a little problem, We change the whole sport
    for the minority of riders for a chance of fame. What about the other
    riders who don’t have that chance. If you remember back to the eighty’s.
    The sport had probably double the amount of riders at metro races than
    we do at nationals these days and if you wanted to race pro you had to
    harden up, if not go and ride super class or open age class. And don’t
    bitch about not getting paid. Pro racing is the pinnacle of the sport
    for a reason, because it is bloody hard. And the riders deserve all the
    money they get and then some. The large numbers in the eighty’s was from
    the sport being fun and competitive. Kids didn’t get paid. It made riders
    want to hang around and race pro.
    Bmx has been scaring its own riders away because you can conquer the sport
    by the time your eighteen by winning every title on the market. Kids don’t
    want to hang around for pro because they make more money racing two classes
    for the weekend than the pro class offers.
    Local league footy or any other sports for all I know, don’t really make
    any money, but they know that when they hit the big-time the are not going
    to remember how many houses and investments they own let lone the dollars
    they make in their careers. Our pro’s brag about getting their entries
    paid. If pro is as good as it gets then why not wave the biggest apple
    we have in front of our kids faces instead of feeding them half before
    they get there because when they do, the other half is rotten and they
    don’t want it anymore. We can not change the decision of the Olympics
    so why not restructure our system to make it marketable so we have some
    thing to sell when we get there. At the moment we are selling our kids
    when we should be selling our best pro riders and our pro series. Why?
    Because their free. If people want to buy our best pro riders soon enough
    people will want to become one of those guys and that is where we get
    our numbers back to the sport. At the moment and for the last ten years
    or so every time a kid comes home from a national or world championship
    there is a thousand under sixteen kids in the paper all world champions.
    This is why the public think we are a kids sport because they don’t hear
    of the pros cause there working to make enough to get to the next race.
    The kids who have the hunger are the kids who will make it. Our coaching
    structure is second to none at the moment so we know that our kids will
    have the best the sport has to offer in that department. Kids can still
    enjoy bmx for fun as can the adults. If they want to be a big-time pro
    they can when there time comes and the hard work is done.
    ` I can go on for days on end but I believe that this is one of the most
    positive steps I have seen bmx take for many years. Lets give the admin
    guys a bit of a break from log books and even adopt CA’s licensing system
    so our guys aren’t spending 3/4 of their week doing kids licenses. Just
    simplify the system a bit. Lets spend the time we save on a sport retrofit
    for our future athletes.
    The pros in our sport need a season, We will never peak for competition
    if we have to peak every six to eight weeks and get injured four times
    a year. We will be at a stand still. We have some great coaches and a
    lot of experience in our sport. The pro’s need their own season which
    is stand alone the biggest thing for the year. Which I believe is happening.
    Not in conjunction with sprockets and amateurs. If BMX won’t survive on
    a season, race club all year for the kids the way it is now.
    Our system is very different than Aba and Nbl because of population and
    sponsorship of races and so on. The pros supply their own prize money
    and the kids generate their own big season of races because of their numbers.
    One doesn’t bleed money from the other. Some teams don’t let their riders
    even race pro till they say its ok for them to do so. Could you imagine
    that happening here? Never. Our young pros are so promising these days
    because of there exposure to pro class at an early age. Can’t our coaching
    take over from jnr development stage and achieve the same product. We
    have to do elite and jnr events which we all call pro from old habits
    but can’t we keep bmx fun for the majority and the serious side be the
    elite stuff?

    02/11 Logan City resurrection

    by Kent Elliott
    Qld, AUS – The LOGAN CITY BMX Track “RESURRECTION” phase-1 took place on the weekend, and even at this early stage I can safely say that this track is going to be a HUGE HIT with BMXers…, dare I say, one of the best in the country. The track is absolutely MONSTER with great jumps, large sweeping open berms, and down hill ALL THE WAY….!!! this will be a Very FAST Track that will suit all classes of riders. There is nothing too scary on it for little guys, or senior guys, it’s just a perfect blend of what a modern BMX track should be…, funny thing is, it’s not new, just been in hibernation for a while…., and slightly reworked… like the Hotrods that turned up to show there support…, except the hotrods are more like “American Graffiti” meets “Microsoft.”

    Many people from many clubs near and far turned out for the working bee… too many to mention by name but see them all working hard in the pictures – and thanks you very much for your valued time & effort. You could sense an air of excitement as the track was finally coming back to life with every throw of a shovel, and it was hard to keep many of the pros off their bikes and on the rakes. The excavator chucked a skid, but with some skilful manoeuvring it was back in action after a while, still, much progress was made, with only a little further to go and the track will be rideable to the finish.

    Limmy (now banned from any vehicle that has over 600hp – and costs more than 100 grand…..!!!,) couldn’t steal a ride in any of the HotRods…, so in typical Lim style, decided to do a bit of dirt jumping on his own….,but using the Logan 4×4 rolling machine. Actually .., he did quite well… nearly clearing one of the biggest jumps on the track…!!! – that out of his system…, it was back to work…, But, not before Jamie Gray stole the show with a monster jump…. over Limmy who was rolling in the 4by4…. and Yes… he did land it smoothly… luckily… cause it’s about a 20 foot drop into the second berm. It’s about then I could see Renee wish’n she’d bought her bike to show the boys how it’s done…!!!, Children please note….! do not attempt any of these feats at home…, these guys are… well…!!! uhm..!! …aahh…!!! Professionals…!? (sometimes….!!!! LOL), but we all had a heap of fun, and it helped break the monotony of raking the track in the hot sun. Joel Clark must have run the first straight 50 times in anticipation of the first event… so no excuses Joel if you don’t win the first Pro race…!!!!…. (gotta get that last double hapn’n Joel…!), and Gleno stayed on the shovel all day … like a good president should..!!!.

    You really must go there and see the track to get a good picture of how it pans out…, SO, at the next working bee (to be advised) we hope to see heaps more helpers there to put the finishing touches down… and, if all goes to plan… you may even get a quick ride on it once completed… and trust me… it’s worth the trip. Rumour has it that if all goes to plan after the next working bee, there may even be a race meet put together – even of a shortened version, just so all can get the feel of the track…. but, we’ll see how the working bee goes first.

    Thanks to the cooks who organised the snags & drinks for lunch to keep the troops going.., and thanks to Chief Glen Codega and crew for having the vision and fortitude to forge ahead with this RESURRECTION….. Great Stuff…..!

    For photos go to:, click on button “LOGAN CITY RESURRECTION”

    Getting dirty to make history!
    On behalf of Logan City BMX we need to THANK so many wonderful people that contributed the most successful working bee I’ve experienced in 15 years of BMX.

    Which almost seamed the impossible, these guys made possible!

    Firstly our excavator operator Dave Woolard the best track builder going round, Job well done!

    Our Bobcat supplier and operator Dean Dempsey this guy was on a mission and didn’t stop for 2 days, we owe you big time!

    All the hard workers that raked raked and raked surface material and mulch.

    Check out the pictures to claim your fame!

    The cooks Mellisa and Anne for fuelling up the team with a mean sausage sizzle.

    Sunday was certainly the day of action;
    Jamie Gray putting on the half time show by jumping the Logan City 4X4 track rolling machine into the second corner.

    Thanks Again

    Glenn Codega
    President of Logan City BMX

    02/11 Double A Marketing @ ABA Fall Nationals Phoenix, AZ

    Double A Marketing press release
    The ABA Fall Nationals are traditionally a pressure cooker for a few Pros since it is the last chance to gain points towards the ABA Pro title. This year it was the same scenario once again. Kyle Bennett, who has been on a hot streak lately with wins at the last 5 ABA Nationals, needed to win at least one more time to make the gap between him and the current #1 ranked pro, Bubba Harris, even smaller. While 22 other Pros came to the ABA Fall Nationals to take home a win, Kyle and the rest of the Double A Marketing Pros looked to take home a win in Phoenix. Here is how they finished up for the last weekend before the ABA Grands:

    Kyle Bennett has been winning races all season, but within the last 2 months, he has won at least one day of AA Pro at all the ABA Nationals. Coming into phoenix, Kyle sat 160 points out of first and that translates into 2 spots in the main event at the ABA Grands. A win would get him another 40 points and he would just need to beat the points leader by one spot at the ABA grands. On Saturday, Kyle looked quick, but Bubba Harris was not to be beat, and Kyle finished 4th for the day. On Sunday, it was all KB as he took home the win and more importantly, the points. It will be an all star showdown at the ABA Grands, as Kyle looks to take home his first ABA Pro title. Kyle’s sponsors include Free Agent, KHS, Answer, Kenda, Sun Ringle, UGP, Truvativ, Velo, S & M bars, ATI, Shimano, Profile, Powerbar, Cyto Sport, and

    Brandon Meadows was one of the top riders in Phoenix. Brandon raced AA Pro and Pro Cruiser both days and was the only rider to make it to all 4 main events. Unfortunately, on Saturday in the first round of the main event he was taken out and crashed; injuring his shoulder. Brandon tried to race the next 3 main events, but was unable to hold onto his handle bars. On Sunday morning Brandon awoke feeling race ready and he made it a great day, as he finished 4th in AA Pro and Pro Cruiser. Brandon’s sponsors include Specialized, Fly Racing, Tangent, Thomson, Shimano, Cyto Sport/Cyto Max, Sun Ringle, Powerbar, and

    Randy Stumpfhauser had a good weekend in Phoenix making 3 out of 4 main events. On Saturday, Stumpy rode to a 3rd place finish in Pro Cruiser. On Sunday it was a off day with 2 crashes holding him back to 6th place in AA Pro and 8th in Pro Cruiser. Randy looks to retain his ABA #1 Pro Cruiser title at the ABA Grands next month in Tulsa, OK. Randy’s sponsors include GT Bicycles, Hyundai, ODI, Kenda Tires, Tangent, Sun Rims, Bombshell Forks, Fly Racing, SRAM, Powerbar, CTI Knee Braces, Tool Shed, SDG, Easton, S & M, Cyto Sport/Cyto Max, and

    Double A Marketing proudly represents Cristian Becerine, Kyle Bennett, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Brandon Meadows, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information on any of the riders, or on Double A Marketing, please visit

    01/11 Knox Thunderdome

    Knox BMX Club press release
    Gate Practice
    To give all our visitors from interstate some much needed practice for Thunderdome there will be no gate practice this Thursday night at Knox.
    In its place we are running gates on Friday night.
    To get on the gate will require a gold coin donation.
    Gates will start at 6.30pm and go until 8.00pm.
    The canteen will be open.
    Thursday gates will return the following week.

    Entries still open
    Knox Thunderdome entries will still be accepted this week. Just download the entry form from your favourite web site,, or
    Oh and if you are lucky enough to be sponsored, include their name with your entry so they get a mention in the program. I am sure they would love to be mentioned.
    Late entries may miss out on being listed in the program. Entry lists will be posted soon on