ECITV Ep 49 “If You’re Gunna Be Dumb” – Australia’s only 100% BMX Racing Show

    ECITV Ep 49 “If You’re Gunna Be Dumb” – Australia’s only 100% BMX Racing Show

    In episode 49 Gary and Shane discuss the 51 years of BMX racing. We have Mongoose BSX2022 updates, new tees from Profile Racing, the S1 Mega Lifer Helmet, Supercross BMX #secretlabs jacket, new classes for the older guys at the 2021 AusCycling national championships. A quick chat about the 2021 World Cup overall results and upcoming events, including the 2022 Australian National Calendar. The ECIBMX show and tell is a feature of OS20 products.

    General Discussion

    51 years of BMX racing on 14th of November



    • 2021 UCI World Cup is complete
      Overall Women
      1. Mariana Pajon
      2. Laura Smulders
      3. Felicia Stancil
      Overall Men
      1.Simon Marquart
      2. Carlos Ramirez
      3. Joris Daudet
    • Victorian State Championships at Shepparton November 28-29
    • Geelong Thunder BMX
    • 2022 National Calendar has been revealed
      – R1: 22 Jan – The Cove SA
      – R2: 23 Jan – The Cove SA
      – R3: 09 Apr – Sleeman Qld
      – R4: 27 Aug – Alice Springs NT
      – R5: 28 Aug – Alice Springs NT
      – R6: 23 Nov – Launceston Tas
    • 2022 National Championships
      – 21-27 November – Launceston Tas

    ECIBMX Show and Tell – OS20 feature

    • Elevn Forks 20” 20mm drop out 1 ?” and tapered options
    • Vee Speedbooster tires in OS20 x 1.60 and 1.75
    • Alienation OS20 rims


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